Men step up and donate blood

Members of the 1000 Man March outreach organization have stepped up to the challenge to donate blood. 

As part of the organization’s community service initiative, 12 members recently donated blood in response to an appeal by the Health Services Authority. 

“We heard about the appeal for donors … and we decided to step up to the challenge,” said Phil Jackson, past president of the organization. 

According to Mr. Jackson, two of the group’s youngest members, Reuben Powell, 19, and Jon Michael Rankin, 20, were among those who participated. 

Mr. Rankin said the media often reports the negative things young men do, but there are also some who want to have a positive impact in their community. 

“We are a Christian men’s organization and believe Jesus gave his blood for us, so we took this as a great opportunity to give back and have a direct impact on someone’s life,” he said. 

“We hope this will encourage other organizations and challenge men to donate something that is free but could help save lives.” 

The 1000 Man March organization describes itself as a nondenominational kingdom-building group of men, started in 2010 to mentor and inspire young men by changing their mind-set in order to strengthen families and marriages, and for men to play an active role in their families and community. 

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Members of the 1000 Man March organization are proud of their commitment.

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