Island-wide power outage hits Grand Cayman

Update: 4.30 p.m. Power has been restored to all areas of Grand Cayman, CUC reports.

Update: 12.35 p.m. CUC has advised that power should be restored to all areas of Grand Cayman within the next two hours.

Update: 11.50 a.m. Power has returned to some areas of Grand Cayman, including the Seven Mile Beach area, South Sound, Smith Road, Crewe Road, Shamrock Road, Northward and parts of Bodden Town and West Bay, according to CUC. Other affected areas, including North Side and East End, remain without power.

Original story:Grand Cayman has been experiencing an island-wide power outage since a little before 4:30 a.m. Friday.

According to a statement from Caribbean Utilities Company, the power outage may continue for most of the rest of the morning, or longer.

According to CUC spokesperson Pat Bynoe-Clarke, who spoke to the Cayman Compass early this morning, crews were working on a problem at the CUC engine room No. 5. 

CUC was uncertain of the exact problem that led to the outage. Many businesses in George Town appeared not to be open. Traffic lights were out, and police officers were directing the flow of automobiles at intersections.

cuc july power outage

CUC staff at work in the Fairbanks area during Friday morning’s power outage.
– Photo: Charles Duncan


  1. As I could not get through on either the "outage" number or their regular phone# to find out what was happening, I went to the CUC headquarters and was advised the corporate office was also without power!
    Fortunately the security guard who initially said the office was closed, found a young lady from Customer Service to speak with me.
    Although at this stage I was pretty frustrated this lady, Ms Gueva Richards was extremely helpful, (and apologetic), and advised power should be restored by 11.30am. She gave me her card with her personal phone # and promised to call me as soon as power was restored, which she did, just after 11.00am.
    I arrived there pretty mad, yet departed entirely content and this is what customer service is all about. I would like to commend this lady to her employers as she is surely a most valued employee.

  2. One would expect that CUC website would provide "live" update on the outage, but it was silent as if everything was hunky dory. I am sure they had an ability to post timely information so people who have internet access via their phones or have generators would be informed.

  3. This sounds like C U C IS OPERATING on a very minimum at supplying and providing power to the Islands at maximum cost to consumers. Why do they not have back up Power supply? I would think that’s because of the monopoly they have, and no one protecting the consumer.

  4. The true irony of this is that for years the stock CUC arguments against solar and wind power were that you could never rely on it because the sun never shone at night and on some days there was no wind. Their case was that only their generators were 100 percent reliable. Anyone for a serving of crow pie here?

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