Burger King Panthers out-fight Kensington Hellcats

The Kensington Hellcats are always Cayman’s top flag football side and whenever they record a rare defeat, speculation rises on whether they will be permanently toppled. Analysts are busy doing just that this week. 

Week 5 of the Cayman Islands Flag Football Association Premier League saw some more great action at the Ed Bush stadium in West Bay on Saturday and a surprise defeat for the mighty Hellcats. 

Taking the field for the first men’s game were the two best teams, the Kensington Hellcats and the Burger King Panthers. The winner of this game would clinch a first place in the men’s division. 

The game quickly became a very defensive one as both teams struggled to gain positive yards and move down the field. Both teams kept pressure on the opposite QBs as they were each sacked numerous times. 

Nicholas Roberts stood out for Burger King as he recorded two interceptions. It was one of those interceptions that placed the Panthers in a greater field position than they were able to get from their offense alone. 

With that gain, they came out of the huddle determined to take advantage. Rashad Rankin ran a touchdown into the end zone after great blocking by teammates. 

Having trouble making gain on offense, the Hellcats finished the game with only the field goal that Nick Bush executed for them. 

Kevin Maxwell and Nigel Solomon each had a pair of receptions for Hellcats, but were unable to find the end zone when needed. Panthers won 6-3. 

These teams meet two more times throughout the season, and each match will be one not to miss. 

Starting the day off was the women’s game between Maples and Lynx. 

Maples, coached by Shawn Pitterson, has shown improvement week by week and most of all, seem to be having fun. 

The Lynx could score only two of their four touchdowns on offense, with catches by Judy Rivers and Lilia Conolly. Loletta Hanna, who was quarterback for the Lynx, was constantly reminded of the pressure from her opponents as she was sacked four times. Two of those sacks were by Kayla Thompson, who seemed to be the strength of the Maples defense. Leading the team in sacks and tackles, she was definitely a face that Hanna could not forget and actually looked to stay away from. 

“I’m happy with the way my girls are playing and I’m excited to continue to see their improvement going forward,” said Pitterson. 

HSM started strongly against the Killa B’zzz and kept the momentum going for the whole game. 

Dionne Whittaker, QB for HSM, did a great job of finding her receivers in open spots. 

Despite throwing one interception, she found Jessica Ebanks and Kara Coe for touchdowns and Jennifer Cotarelo for an extra point. 

The B’zzz, despite having QB Ellen Downey back, were unable to find the endzone to get their team on the board. 

Immediately after, the CrossFit 7Mile Scorpions faced off against the Anytime Fitness Wolverines. 

Following suit from the first men’s game, both teams struggled on offense and were plagued with a number of drop balls each. 

Cassandra Bodden on the Scorpions and Renee Thompson of the Wolverines had two interceptions apiece. The game went to overtime, but still finished 0-0. 

The final match was between the Island Heritage Predators and the Maples Dolphins. Coming off a Thursday night win, the Predators seemed ready to play again. Jordan Stubblefield, QB for the Predators, did a great job of reading the field and when it counted, finding his players in open holes. 

Dolphins, despite losing the game 14-0, did not give up easily. Deandre Simpson and Larue Nixon lead the Dolphins with receptions. 

Jeffrey Robinson led the way for the Dolphins on defense, while on the Predators side, Josh Parsons was their greatest defensive force. 

Week 6 of the Premier League kicks off on Saturday with games starting at Ed Bush Field at noon. 

Kayla Thompson had a great game for Maples.

Kayla Thompson had a great game for Maples.

Glenn Duran is difficult to stop when running the ball.

Glenn Duran is difficult to stop when running the ball. – PHOTOS: JEREMY POWERY

Jennifer Cotarelo of HSM moved the ball well.

Jennifer Cotarelo of HSM moved the ball well.