Keep dogs on a leash

I would like to use this medium to reach out to the owners of dogs.

I am appealing, again, to them to please keep their dogs on a leash when in public places and to have them enclosed in a fenced-in area in their yards so that they cannot come out on the roads or attack passers-by.

If their yards are not fenced, secure them otherwise and, my suggestion is, not too close to the road because if they bark at passers-by, this could cause a person to step/run out into oncoming traffic.

Irresponsible dog owners

I have heard about and experienced for myself the dangers caused by the irresponsibility of dog owners. Take for example, a pedestrian or cyclist passes a yard, by a main road, and a dog rushes out at him/her. The first reaction is going to be to move away and into oncoming traffic.

This could cause a driver to hit the person who could receive serious injury, disabilities or even death. No one needs to be a victim of such a circumstance.

I am asking all dog owners to please keep their dogs on leashes while out in public. How much longer before they will take responsibility for their dogs?

Also, our government needs to take action as this is an issue of great importance. Let’s not wait until something terrible happens before action is taken.

Dora A. E. Ebanks

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