K-Fit seminars well received

K-Fit tae kwon do club’s members are still discussing and going through the new moves they learned from two New York martial arts instructors who conducted seminars over the weekend.

Sensei Nardu Debrah and Matt Culley, owners of Budokan Martial Arts and Renzo Gracie Lynbrook gyms in Long Island, shared their wealth of martial arts knowledge with students at the K-Fit gym on Shedden Road on Saturday.

The first seminar was no-gi Brazilian jiu jitsu, which covered tips on underhooks and overhooks.

They taught students how to use each in a clinch situation to take their opponent down and end up in a secure and dominant position. Once on the ground, two specific transitions and submissions were taught; a mounted single-hand guillotine, and an armbar from knee on belly. This also included a specific grip break when an opponent defends the armbar initially.

The second seminar was mixed martial arts and striking, which covered footwork and combinations from various arts.

A major portion of the striking techniques came from Savate, such as oblique kicks with counters. The seminar also included clinching entries and aspects from Muay Thai.

The students worked together on technique and also asked questions on issues they were having.

They were also treated to some lively demonstrations by Debrah and Culley, which gave them a better insight into Brazilian jiu jitsu and the innate beauty of the art.

The instructors said it would be their pleasure to return for more seminars, which K-Fit fully intends to do.