Purple Dragon kids display world championship medals to Bodden

Cayman youngsters on Team Purple Dragon who competed in the World Karate Championships in Trinidad last month met recently with Sports Minister Osbourne Bodden to show their 38 medals and to thank him for the ministry’s financial sponsorship. 

Team Purple Dragon Cayman returned home with 23 gold, nine silver and six bronze medals. 

Bodden said he was delighted to meet the team and proud to have such great young ambassadors for Cayman competing on a world stage. 

“Our young sports men and women who did us so proud at the World Karate Championships have displayed tremendous discipline and dedication in order to gain so many wins for Cayman,” he said. “Reaching a high level in karate is not done so without an extraordinary degree of perseverance, focus and hard work, so for this, on behalf of the people of Cayman, I extend my congratulations to the team.” 

He added, “The hard work and dedication these young people bring to their sport is also reflected in their everyday lives, making them excellent role models for other youths and, in the long term, productive members of society.” 

Sensei Floyd Baptiste from Purple Dragon said the organization was extremely grateful for the financial support it received from the ministry, which covered expenses such as travel and accommodation, uniforms and other required equipment. 

The Karate World Championships 2015 included competitors from the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Venezuela, Spain, Antigua, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Panama and Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the 28-member team from Cayman. The event was held over two days and featured more than 600 competitors. 

For more information, visit www.purpledragon.ky or contact [email protected] 

The Purple Dragon team won 38 medals at the world championships.

The Purple Dragon team won 38 medals at the world championships.