Congratulations to Cayman's young scholars

Let us take a bit of a break from examining the various hubbubs and controversies that typically captivate the attention of this Editorial Board – and instead devote a moment to recognizing excellence among the young people of the Cayman Islands.

In Friday’s print edition of the Compass, there appeared on Page 5 a full-page advertisement from Cayman Prep and High School, honoring the achievements of the school’s secondary students on their end-of-year exams. According to the school’s advertisement, “Our Year 11 students gained a record number of 81 A* passes (up 20 on last year!), with 95% of students gaining 5 or more A* – C passes and 65% of them gaining 10 or more A* – C awards. Well done, Year 11!”

Very well done, indeed.

We were particularly impressed by the results posted by students Haley Willkom (9 A* and 2 A passes) and Drew Milgate (8 A* and 3 A passes) and thus single them out for recognition, but we regard each of the 35 students appearing in Friday’s advertisement as being exceptional, and deserving of congratulations and recognition.

Another piece of good news we picked up from Cayman Prep’s announcement was the future academic plans of the school’s Year 13 graduates. We wish those students the best of luck as they go off to attend universities in the U.K. and elsewhere, to study subjects such as medicine, mathematics, engineering, neuroscience, economics, accounting, computing and games development, law, philosophy, earth and environmental sciences, biological sciences, history, business and sociology. We hope that their success will inspire younger students, their peers and even members of older generations. They are certainly an inspiration to us.

Now, we have elected in this column to highlight achievements at this particular school but, of course, Cayman Prep is not the only place where our young people are performing well.

We note, for example, that a perfect 100 percent of Year 11 students at St. Ignatius Catholic School achieved 5 or more A*-C passes on their exams. Remarkable!

Regular readers of the Compass may have noticed our continuing series of profiles of recipients of the government’s “Proud of Them” award. (The profiles, incidentally, are written by now-former Compass intern Ashani Francis-Collins, a young Caymanian, remarkable in her own right, who is completing her studies at the University of Toronto.) Today’s profile is on Janell Taylor, a Year 13 student at Cayman Prep and High School who is studying to take her A-Levels and hopes to go on to medical school.

We have previously published profiles on Abijith Anu, a Year 11 student at Cayman Brac’s Layman E. Scott Sr. High School; Melanie Ebanks, a George Town native and professional actor who recently graduated from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, London; and Kristiann Powell, a George Towner who is now studying at the University of Southampton in the U.K.

For profiles of the other “Proud of Them” honorees and news in general about the accomplishments of our high-achieving young people, look to future issues of the Compass.

Good news, frankly, is our favorite kind of news!


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