Contractors support dock project

The Cayman Contractors Association has thrown its weight behind plans for new cruise piers in George Town harbor.

The association released a brief statement this week saying it supports plans for a cruise berthing facility, provided efforts are made to manage and mitigate environmental damage.

The association said the port project should also be combined with upgrades to the infrastructure in George Town and development of new attractions. The project has divided the community, with rival campaign groups attempting to drum up support or opposition to the project.

Last week, the National Conservation Council criticized the plan, citing concerns about economic costs and environmental damage.

The contractors association said Wednesday that it supports the plan with several conditions, including that government ensures infrastructure improvements are in place to cope with increased passenger loads. It added that government would also need to “develop and make available for visiting passengers other island attractions so as not to overload the carrying capacity of existing attractions.”

An outline business case is being finalized before Cabinet makes a decision on whether to proceed with the project.


  1. Contractors support dock project, has these contractors voiced their opinions on the other aspects of this project, like tourism, diving, most of all the marine environment, and people who make their living from the water. Yes the Contractor would support the dock , because they would be the one’s that gain from it, just like the store owners that supports it. The bottom line is don’t care about anyone else, or the environment.

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