Employer pleads guilty to pension offenses

Twenty-three employees affected at three businesses

The owner of three businesses pleaded guilty in Summary Court on Tuesday to 28 offenses against the National Pensions Law, including failure to have a pension plan or make pension contributions for 23 employees. 

Barrington Oliver, who did not have legal representation, was charged trading as D and B Building Contractors, BJ’s Electronics SuperStore and Serenity Day Spa. 

The longest period for which there was no pension plan or no pension contributions was four years.  

The shortest period was around three months. 

Three employees at the contracting business were affected; 10 employees at BJ’s; and another 10 at the spa. Oliver also pleaded guilty to failing to provide information requested by the Superintendent of Pensions and several charges of failing to comply with directives to pay pension arrears. 

Magistrate Valdis Foldats set Oct. 19 for sentencing. 

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