Is your future written in the stars?

First impressions 

Everybody loves a good horoscope, just like they’ll always be keen to see what’s inside a fortune cookie, even if it is a load of old bunk. “You will meet a handsome stranger.” Ha! My eye! 

For centuries people have looked to the stars to guide them on their way, whether they are on an ocean-going vessel or trying to decide their next career move. 

Some take astrology more seriously than others, but whether we consider the words to be fact or fiction, it’s hard to resist peeking at what might be our future. If there’s one thing we all know about ourselves, it’s our star sign. 

Horoscopes can be found everywhere. You’ll see them in magazines, newspapers, TV programs and books completely dedicated to the subject. It therefore follows, naturally, that there are lots of apps in the market focused on astrology. 

I decided to choose one at random in the App Store. It seemed to have good reviews and it was free – always a plus in my book. I downloaded “iSmart Horoscope 2015” and prepared to see what destiny had in store for me. 

How it works 

This app is very simple to use and doesn’t kill you with unfamiliar jargon referring to the moon being in Venus etc. 

The first thing you do is choose your star sign. The app has them all on the initial screen, along with the dates they cover, just in case you’re one of the few people in the world who isn’t sure which sign you fall under. 

Once you tap your symbol, it will take you to a screen dedicated to that sign. You can choose to read your daily, weekly or monthly horoscope, or take a look at advice and information about “Health,” “Money,” “Work,” and “Love” as they relate to your particular astrological designation. These last four do not change from day to day. 

The first two (health and money) cover how, say, Virgos can stay healthy by eating certain foods and how they handle money. For example, it states that “Virgo’s attitude to credit card usage is controlled.” Oh yeah? I’m a Virgo and I challenge that remark. 

The latter two (work and love) show how you relate to other signs in romance and business. This is a particularly interesting exercise and is probably where a lot of newbies will spend their time when first using this app. Perhaps you’ll finally discover why you and that coworker Mabel are clashing all the time. Anyway, back to the daily, weekly and monthly horoscope. 

The daily horoscope gives you a paragraph per day, warning you about what might be in store, or offering a positive outlook. 

The weekly horoscope is a little bit longer and naturally changes every week; and the monthly summary is longer still. The monthly does tend to dip a bit into the planets being in different positions, but thankfully explains how that will impact your life. 

While you’re going through all of this, there are ever-changing ads at the bottom of the screen and some annoying pop-ups that I’ll cover below. 

When I tried it 

I tend to lean on the “I don’t believe any of this stuff” side of the spectrum when it comes to astrology, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy reading them and seeing how far off the mark they are. I certainly embody some of the Virgo traits, but I’m also the complete opposite of others. It probably all comes down to specific charts of my birthdate or something. 

I did find the app fun to try and I could tolerate the bar ads that were constantly present. After all, the app was free so they’ve got to make their money somehow. 

What WAS a pain was the full screen video ad that came up when I was testing the “Work” and “Love” options. I went to see how a Sagittarius and I would match up and suddenly the screen went dark and a video began. It was for a local business, but I had to wait for about three or four seconds before I could skip past it. I could see that getting on my nerves after a while. 

Final thoughts 

This is a free app, so you get what you pay (or don’t pay) for. When I read the reviews, I saw that many complained about being forced to write a review when they first downloaded iSmart Horoscope. I therefore kept waiting for that to pop up, but it never did. Maybe the seller has updated it and removed that “feature.” 

If you’re into astrology, or just like a bit of fun distraction from time to time, you’ll probably like iSmart Horoscope. But if it advises you to quit your job on a whim and “follow your heart,” step away from the iPad. 


Free. Easy to use. Lots of options. 


Bar ads and pop-up video ads. 

iSmart Horoscope 2015

Cost: Free

  • Seller: Nice People

  • Devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Rating: E for everyone 

Choose your sign, then delve into your horoscope for the day, week and month.


If you’re a Leo sharing an office with a Scorpio, this kind of insight could prove to be invaluable.


As the app states, “Click sign, you working with.”


Fascinating information and advice on a daily basis.


What sign are you? A pickup line that’s an oldie but a goodie.

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