Civil servant takes on new job as minister of religion

Janis McLaughlin joined the civil service in 1990

A veteran civil servant has resigned her post in Judicial Administration to pursue work of another kind – as a full-time minster of religion. 

Janis McLaughlin started working in the civil service as a switchboard operator in 1990 and then moved into filing. She joined the staff at the courthouse in 1997 as clerical officer and rose to executive officer before serving as one of the cashiers in the Judicial Financial Centre for the last 13 years. Her last day in that post is Wednesday, Sept. 30. 

After that, she will be working with Bishop Oral McLaughlin of the Eastern Apostolic Church in East End. 

Minister McLaughlin said her new career is the result of a promise she made to God years ago. One of her children was born with a number of medical concerns “and the challenges just kept coming,” she said. The situation became more than she could handle and she turned to prayer. 

“I found Christ in the crisis,” she said, and despite the resistance of people around her, she persevered in her trust in God and faith that her son would overcome the challenges. Against the odds, he graduated from primary school and then high school; he is currently preparing to travel overseas to take up a course in auto mechanics. 

With four other children to care for, she struck a pact. “I said to God, ‘If you help me to raise these children to where they can stand on their own, I will dedicate my life to Your service,’” Ms. McLaughlin recalled. 

Her youngest child is now in nursing school and working part-time. “It is now time to fulfil the promise I made to God,” she said, adding: “I believe that if I could get results praying for my own children, I can pray for others” with equal success. 

Ms. McLaughlin’s supervisor in judicial finance, Lillian Curbelo-Bush, thanked her for the positive example she maintained – arriving on time, being reliable, and always cheerful. “Her resignation will be felt for a very long time; employees like Janis are very rare,” she said. “However, her future ambitions are most admirable and we certainly cannot compete with her purpose in life.” 

Court Administrator Kevin McCormac praised the departing staffer for her skill and efficiency in dealing with the demands of a difficult job. 

Before her ordination in 2011, Minister McLaughlin further equipped herself by pursuing a counselling degree from the online Rockville University and graduated with distinction in 2007.  

She anticipates that her first stop on her new mission will be a trip to a Women’s Retreat in the United States.  

She will also be traveling to Jamaica and Honduras to visit branches of her church there, she said. But her main focus will be to support the work of Bishop McLaughlin in her primary mission field, the Cayman Islands. 

Civil servant minister religion

Staff of the Court Administration’s Judicial Financial Centre gather to express best wishes to Janis McLaughlin, center. She is flanked by, from left, by Rosita Ebanks, Charmaine Bodden, Lillian Curbelo-Bush and Jawanda Evans.


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