Airport perimeter fence being replaced

The Cayman Islands Airports Authority is in the process of replacing 7,000 feet of chain-link perimeter fence around the Owen Roberts International Airport. 

The old fence had become rusted and corroded and had not been replaced for many years, according to the airports authority. 

Cayman Islands Airports Authority spokeswoman Kafara Augustine said, “Indeed, international civil aviation regulations require that certain standards have to be met with respect to the security of our perimeter, therefore our primary goal was to replace the fence in order to safeguard the operation of aircraft, protect our passengers and meet the required security regulations.” 

The project to replace the fence was put out to public tender in April. AAA Construction won the bid to carry out the work. 

Work began on Sept. 18 and is scheduled to be completed 75 days from the start date, Ms. Augustine said. 

Airport New Fance-1

Work on replacing the rusty and corroded perimeter fence at the Owen Roberts International Airport is under way. – PHOTO: TANEOS RAMSAY