Deputy governor will no longer 'run' Legislative Assembly

The management of day-to-day operations within the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly is expected to be transferred away from Deputy Governor Franz Manderson’s office later this month. 

Government officials acknowledged this week that a motion would be brought before parliament to place Legislative Assembly staff members, including chief clerk Zena Merren-Chin, under the direction of the Speaker of the House. The Speaker would, in effect, act as the “minister” with oversight of the staff. 

Mr. Manderson said, under the current arrangement, he is charged with oversight of the assembly’s staffers and that hiring and other human resources matters for the office are handled by the Portfolio of the Civil Service chief officer Gloria McField-Nixon. 

Lawmakers, including East End MLA Arden McLean on Wednesday, have argued that this management by the civil service represents an intrusion by the government “executive” into the realm of the elected officials. 

Mr. Manderson said the precise details of the changeover are still being worked out, but he said he did not expect the move to be controversial. 

“We all support [this change],” Mr. Manderson said. 

Mr. Manderson

Mr. Manderson


  1. This would mean that there would not be no control, or oversight, or responsibility of the law makers. I think that this is where the Governor should be, not the speaker of the house.

  2. There is a certain irony here.I can only say that for aeons the Civil Service along with their vast multitude of voters have in my opinion, effectively held the reins of Government in these islands.