From the Publishers: Compass launches daily ‘District Days’ pages

We are pleased to announce that beginning today – and every day of the weeks going forward – the Cayman Compass will be publishing a new feature called “District Days,” which will focus on the unique diversity, history and culture of all our districts. 

On Pages 6 and 7 of today’s Compass, we present our premiere offering – “George Town” – with a fascinating story about a fascinating man, Clifton Bodden, who at age 92 recalls his participating in the Cayman “Home Guard,” which protected our shores during World War II. 

Each day, the Compass will highlight a different district: George Town on Mondays, West Bay on Tuesdays, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman on Wednesdays, Bodden Town on Thursdays, and East End and North Side on Fridays. 

District Days is intended to be interactive, giving people from all of our districts an opportunity to submit news or happenings in their district, to share old or recent photos, or to offer tidbits of information pertaining to a particular district. 

Think of District Days as a “mini-newspaper”: It will put our communities in the spotlight and offer residents the opportunity to be an even greater part of our pages. 

David R. Legge, co-publisher of the Compass, said, “I’ve found that often the most interesting articles we publish are not the ‘most important’ (such as the inner workings of the Legislative Assembly) but the less-institutional, more-personal stories about people, their pasts and the fascinating lives they live. 

“To a good writer, everybody is interesting – and virtually everybody has an interesting tale to tell. District Days will provide a platform for many of these people, and their stories.” 

If you would like to contribute an item 
or an idea for District Days, we invite 
you to contact Basia McGuire at
 district [email protected] 
or 815-0072. 


  1. Well I would like to say I believe Mr Legge, you have hit the nail on the head bringing this to life.
    Further I believe you are absolutely correct in saying that the most interesting articles published are not the ”most important”.
    I am sure the Caymanian community at large, including those living overseas are going to find this very interesting and fascinating. Everybody should have a story to tell, and I am one looking forward to reading the District day page.

  2. I definitely welcome this. I”ve always hoped there”d be an addition like this somewhere, be it caymancompass or news27.

    On a side note: why don”t we teach more in depth Cayman history in high school? I had no idea half of the things Mr. Bodden recalled ever happened.

  3. I fully support the Cayman Compass in the effort of bringing the history of the Islands and the people . I see in the past that the true facts of something or someone have not been properly vetted to make it true history. I think this is what the Cayman Compass is about to bring to us. I think that the museum should be in volved in this effort.

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