Court to hear 16 criminal appeals

Life sentences to be argued

The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal began its winter session on Monday with a list that includes 16 criminal appeals and three civil matters. 

Two appeals involve arguments against sentences of life imprisonment. 

Jeffrey Barnes received a life sentence in September 2013 after his third conviction for rape. 

Brian Emmanuel Borden received a life sentence after being found guilty of murdering Robert Mackford Bush in September 2011. Borden is also appealing his conviction, which came after trial by judge alone. 

Defense attorneys will argue that a life sentence is contrary to Cayman’s Bill of Rights, which states that no person shall be subjected to torture or inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. The basic submission is that a sentence without a definite length is inhuman punishment. 

Other matters include an appeal by Igor Domladis, who was sentenced last November to four years imprisonment after pleading guilty to causing the death of Zak Quappe by dangerous driving. 

Phillip Rose is appealing his convictions, which include four counts of rape, and a sentence of 14 years. The complainant/victim in all counts was a woman with whom Rose had been in a relationship. He was convicted and sentenced in 2012 after trial by judge alone. 

Simon Julio Newball is appealing his conviction and sentence for theft of jewelry from Magnum Jewelers in December 2011. The value of the items stolen was more than US$300,000. Newball was convicted after trial by jury and sentenced to eight years imprisonment. 

Three men who pleaded guilty are appealing their sentences for the robbery of Diamonds International on New Year’s Day, 2014. Jonathan Mark Ramoon, who carried a firearm, received 15 years. James McLean, who smashed showcases with a hammer, received 12 years. Christopher Julian Myles, the driver of the getaway car, was sentenced to 10 years. 

The court’s winter session is scheduled to last until Nov. 20. President Sir John Chadwick is hearing the appeals with Justice John Martin and Justice Sir Alan Moses. 

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