Prisons deputy director dismissed in camera probe

The deputy director of prisons has been dismissed following an inquiry into the discovery of a hidden camera in the office of a senior manager at the prison. 

Aduke Joseph-Caesar, who was deputy director responsible for rehabilitation, was dismissed following the inquiry by the Ministry of Home Affairs. 

Two other officers at Northward prison suspended in connection with the same incident remain on paid leave as inquiries continue. 

The camera, which was switched on and covertly recording, was discovered hidden inside an air conditioning duct in a manager’s office in April. 

Eric Bush, chief officer in the Ministry of Home Affairs, said, “I can confirm that the internal investigation regarding covert video recording equipment being placed in a prison staff member’s office has concluded. As a result, the employment of a senior manager within the prison service has ceased.” 

Prison officials referred all questions about the incident to the ministry, which has been in charge of the investigation. The ministry declined to release details of its investigation. 

At the time the camera was discovered, Prison Director Neil Lavis said, “It is regrettable that someone has seen fit to invade another person’s privacy in such a manner. I am committed to uncovering the parties involved.” 

A hidden camera was found inside an office at Northward prison

A hidden camera was found inside an office at Northward prison, prompting an investigation and the suspension of three prison officials. The deputy director of the prison service has now been dismissed. – PHOTO: CHARLES DUNCAN


  1. The discovery is obviously disturbing. But my question is, why?

    There are no industrial trade secrets to be stolen. This is not some disgusting attempt to video women in the shower or something similar.
    So what was the motivation to do this?
    And what prompted the discovery of the camera?

  2. Question:- why was the other female staff member who was the focus of the "covert video" operation asked to "retire" and the Caymanian staff member "fired"??!??
    I am reliable informed that some real naughtiness was going on at HMPS Northward relating to this whole incident.
    Trust that the full details/ facts are made open to the public soon.

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