50 years ago Bodden Town left out of telephone infrastructure

In the Nov. 3, 1965 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a predecessor of the Cayman Compass, Bodden Town correspondent Arthur Hunter reported that Cable and Wireless had begun construction of its telephone exchange in George Town, which led to further queries:

“But where does Bodden Town feature in this development? Unlike George Town and West Bay, we will enjoy no house to house telephone system but merely one phone booth. Under the existing system we now have one telephone servicing the whole town and it seems like the future holds little better for us.

“Does the tax-payer’s money on this side of the island bear less value than that of the Western Districts? Is it not patent that unless this area benefits from each new development the island as a whole will suffer in the long run by an exodus from the rural to the urban areas with attendant unemployment and increased crime and the other ills related to unemployment?

“This is the type of problem that is faced by many of the developing and under-developed nations and will be our problem too unless our representatives take stock and realize that Grand Cayman does not end at Crewe Road.”

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