Team Emig to give seminars

Some of the best teenage martial arts proponents in the world will give free seminars and a demonstration next week in Grand Cayman. 

Bob Daigle, master instructor at the Cayman Karate Academy, has organized Team Emig to teach his students as well as provide a free martial arts demonstration at the Crescent at Camana Bay. 

Coach Matt Emig will be accompanied by teenage world champions Aidan Considine, Danny Etkin and Mackensi Emory for the seminars on Nov. 21. 

“We are really excited to have Matt and his team here in the Cayman Islands,” Daigle said. 

“Matt has been extremely busy with stunt work in Hollywood since his last visit in 2014. 

“He recently finished filming the stunts for the ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2’ movie set for release in June 2016.” 

Emig is the stunt double for the character Michelangelo in this movie and is best known for his skills with nunchakus. 

Team Emig will be leading a seminar at the First Baptist Christian School for intermediate and advanced students of Cayman Karate Academy. 

Daigle said, “Having these teenage superstars sharing their skills with our students and performing spectacular demos will inspire our students to reach a higher level of skill.” 

Considine, 13, is the youngest member of Team Emig. His martial arts training began at age 5 at Busto’s Karate in Long Island, New York. 

Considine took the competition world by storm, entering his first tournament as a black belt, winning all first places and the 13 & under Overall Forms Grand Championship. 

He went on to win a forms and weapons world title at age 10. Most recently he competed on ESPN2’s “Night of Champions” in forms and weapons and landed a supporting actor role in the film “Underdogs.” 

Etkin, 15, is a New Yorker. He started in martial arts at age 4 and began competing at national and world level by 8. 

He currently holds 21 NASKA world titles across five martial arts disciplines of extreme forms and weapons, traditional forms and weapons and sparring. 

Etkin has performed on the “CBS Morning Show” and five times on ESPN2. He is also a world record holder in tricking and is the youngest to do a double cork (at age 10) and double butterfly twist (at 12). 

Emory, 19, is from California and is celebrated as one of the best female martial artists and trickers in the world. 

She started martial arts training at 6 and has been competing at the national level since she was 11. She has earned 38 world championship titles, competing in extreme, creative and traditional forms and weapons. Emory has 12 ISKA “Night of Champion” appearances with four ISKA world title wins in musical forms, team demonstration (twice) and synchronized forms. She is also a second-degree black belt. 

Daigle recalls watching these three youngsters on ESPN for the finals of the ISKA World Championships last July and being impressed. 

He said that putting on an event like this was only possible through a generous donation from Oliver Sinton and Prosperity Capital Management. 

The martial arts demonstration at the Crescent at Camana Bay is right before the Christmas lighting ceremony. The demos by Team Emig and Cayman Karate Academy children’s demo team is from 4 p.m. for 45 minutes. 

“Matt Emig and his team will also be available for autographs and pictures after the demo,” said Daigle. “This is a great opportunity for the whole family to watch some of the best martial artists in the world.” 

Mackensi Emory

Mackensi Emory does spectacular tricks.

Danny Etkin

Danny Etkin, 15, holds 21 world titles.

Bob Daigle

Bob Daigle

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