Curious about how many Saturdays you have left?

First impressions 

I don’t know about you, but I tend to avoid those websites that predict when a person is going to die. 

Do I feel that they are based on hard, scientific evidence? No, not really, but there’s something about the whole idea that creeps me out – like I’m tempting fate. That’s one of the reasons I won’t go near a Ouija board. Too many unknowns. 

Anyway, before this sounds like a profile I’m writing for an online dating site, let’s get back to the matter at hand – the app I chose to review this week. 

Of course, it is related to the subject I’ve touched upon above, but instead of measuring life in seconds, minutes, hours and days, it boils it down to Saturdays and interesting events, such as how many more U.S. presidential elections will we see (in this case, the less, the better), or will we witness the passing of Halley’s Comet once again in our lifetime? 

I was still a little nervous about facing my mortality, even if it was quirkily counted in Saturdays, but I’ve recently written a number of reviews about game and puzzle apps, so it seemed only right to mix it up a bit. 

As the “How Many Saturdays?” app was free, I figured what the heck? Maybe I’d give it a go to see if I was fascinated, repulsed, or ready to write my will. 

How it works 

Well, I started off pretty repulsed, as it instantly wanted access to my birthdate. I suppose in order to (somewhat) accurately calculate the remainder of my lifespan in Saturdays, it had to have such information, but it still hurt to plug it in. I’m about a decade away from being able to qualify for that life insurance they tout on daytime television, right between the ads for Depends and people who fall, but they can’t get up. 

I typed it in, and WOPR started calculating. Do you get that “WOPR” reference? If so, it means you’re around my age and we’re all in this together. 

The next screen you get is covered by colored bars, with a split one along the bottom that begins with a cute image of a baby and ends with a skull. Lovely. 

The bars above give you lots of data to keep you interested/scared, such as how many inches Mt. Everest will rise in the time you have left; how many lightning strikes will hit the earth (that mind-boggling figure will be flying down before your very eyes); and, yes, how many Saturdays remain. 

Wipe the bars right or left to access further fascinating facts. Want to know how many more Friday the 13ths you’ll enjoy? How many equivalent years you have on Mercury? What it boils down to in cat lifetimes or (prepare for the vitally important stuff here) how many farts you’ll share with the world in that time? 

Even if you’ve been a little nervous about being faced with “facts,” it will be at this stage that you’ll laugh and realize this app’s information is all based on averages; after all, some of us are just not born gassy, ahem. 

If you find some of the data very interesting and would like to learn more, just tap on that colored bar and it will reveal a drop-down section with further revelations, accompanied by representative images. 

When panic sets in over how much, or how little, time you have left to save some squillions, you can tap on the question mark by the skull to calm yourself down. 

The app will tell you that its figures are almost certainly wrong, and takes you further to tell you why. Where you were born, whether you’re male or female and, not surprisingly, bad habits like smoking, can all affect your lifespan. 

It ain’t over ‘til it’s over. 

When I tried it 

Apparently I have about 2,000 Saturdays left to go. I’m not going to be specific, ‘cos I’m a lady o’ mystery when it comes to my age, but let’s just say that the Grim Reaper isn’t knocking quite yet. 

It’s difficult to disagree with the app’s prediction that I won’t see Halley’s Comet again, but I now take that as a challenge and will instantly live on nothing but kale for the rest of my life. 

On second thought, y’see one comet, y’seen ‘em all. I’d rather meet my maker early than sup solely on greens. 

I think it underestimated the 216,057 laughs it said I have left. I laughed while using it (the ultimate test) and the figure didn’t go down. Siri, this ain’t. 

I’ll see 17 more blue moons and live about three cat lives. The latter will help me decide how many more I should adopt … which will probably lead to another fact: How many men? Zero. 

Final thoughts 

This is a fun app for the quirky facts it offers and the mathematics it does on your behalf. I must admit that when I saw I had only nine presidential elections left, I was a bit shocked. Seemed like so few! On the other hand, I had it much better than the mayfly, which breeds, lays eggs and dies all in the same day. Three more cat lives? I’ll take them! 

It doesn’t take long to explore all parts of “How Many Saturdays?,” and then you may discard it unless it adds trivia on a regular basis. 

It’s an interesting, but brief, journey – like life. If you ever get worried, just breathe and go back to that farts counter. According to this app, you still have thousands of laughs left. 


Interesting facts. Free. Might help you quit smoking. 


Limited information. Not for the nervous. 

How Many Saturdays?
Cost: Free
Seller: Exploratorium
Devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Rating: E for Everyone 


That’s me about 1,500 Saturdays from now.

Bear this in mind before you start panicking.

Bear this in mind before you start panicking.

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