Government recruiting for Christmas cleanup

The national community cleanup, a government program to provide full-time jobs for three weeks around Christmas, is recruiting people who want to work for two weeks before the holiday and one week in the new year.

The National Community Enhancement Project, open to unemployed Caymanians 18 years and older, involves cleaning parks, beaches and roadsides, gardening and doing maintenance on public areas. Unemployed permanent residents with the right to work and spouses of Caymanians can also qualify for the program.

Temporary employees will work 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, Dec. 7 through 18 and Jan. 11 through 15.

Interested candidates can apply between Tuesday and Thursday at the National Workforce Development Agency in Midtown Plaza or at the country’s libraries. Call 917-0153 
for more information.

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  1. I’m not sure why the government is ”offering” jobs to unemployed Caymanians. Shouldn’t it be that all of the people registered as unemployed and receiving benefits should be given these jobs to do unless there is a physical reason why they cannot. They say they are available for work and looking for work – so here is paid work, now get out there and do it.

    I guess I’m just frustrated at the world right now and especially what I see in so many of the comments here that all of the problems on Cayman with crime etc are caused by our young people not having jobs, and they don’t have jobs because those jobs have been stolen by ex-pats. So young unemployed Caymanians, here is paid work for you. Prove that you actually want a job, can be reliable, turn up for work and do a good job.

    I believe the government should tell the unemployed they have work for them for 3 weeks and if they refuse to do it, well, then they really aren’t looking to work are they and they should have benefits stopped. Harsh, but the world and Cayman has too many lazy people happy to sit at home complaining while receiving their generous benefits, all with no intention of actually lowering themselves to actually carry out any work.

  2. I still don’t get why the CIG doesn’t have Inmates doing this all year long, let them give back to the community they took from and Earn their keep need a new road let the inmate clear the land, seaweed on the beach, let them clean it up. It’s a shame that more is invested into prison inmate that there is into caring for the elderly. Inmate get free room and board, meals and medical care and they don’t have to lift a finger, what does the elderly get?