Teenager dies on boys home outing

A 14-year-old boy who died in an accident off a South Sound beach on Sunday was on a group activity organized by the Bonaventure Boys Home at the time. 

Risco Batten, a resident at the home, got into difficulties while swimming. It is understood that he was on a supervised outing from the boys home based in West Bay. 

Staff at Bonaventure referred requests for comment to the Ministry of Community Affairs, Youth and Sports, which issued a brief statement Monday afternoon confirming the death of a 14-year-old resident of the home in a “water-related incident.” 

“The resident had been taking part in a group activity organized by the home when he got into difficulties in the sea behind South Sound Cemetery,” the statement said. 

Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Chief Inspector Brad Ebanks said Sunday that police had responded to an emergency call around noon. 

He said, “The boy was pulled from the water, but CPR efforts proved unsuccessful. He was transported to the George Town Hospital by ambulance, but later pronounced dead.” 

The boy’s family have been notified and an investigation is ongoing. 

The Ministry said in its statement that it was cooperating with police and would make no further statements until the investigation was completed. In the statement, Minister Osbourne Bodden offered his condolences to the boy’s family. 

Friends and former schoolmates at Clifton Hunter High School expressed their shock and grief on Facebook at the death of Risco Batten. 

Risco Batten

Risco Batten


  1. Again I must say how tragic the lost a young man, I give the family my condolences to the family. I cannot help from not commenting on this subject. He was on group activity and supervised. Where are the responsibility of who is in charge of the kids ? I wonder if the supervisor knew where he/she was putting the kids? or even know how to swim ? or even knows CPR. These kind of things can be avoided by making sure that all the people who are in charge of our kids are qualified and experienced and responsible for the job.

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