50 years ago: North Side booming without electricity

In the Dec. 8, 1965 edition of The Caymanian Weekly, a precursor to the Cayman Compass, North Side correspondent Nettie McCoy wrote about how the district was growing, even before regular electricity service was available: 

“With the re-opening of Rum Point Club and the prospective opening of Cayman Kai, North Side is becoming quite a busy place day and night. Twenty-five years ago, no one could have dreamed of all this. At the time, there was only a trail leading into North Side and very few vehicles to travel over it. 

“The roads have greatly improved recently (though they are still far from good) so that now even the owners of the most beautiful cars are not afraid to drive straight through to Rum Point. 

“The residents here are still anticipating that some day in the not too far distant future they will enjoy good streets and electricity.” 

North Side booming without electricity

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