Octopus planned for Sculpture Park

David Quasius, known locally as the “Michelangelo of North Side,” is preparing for his next masterpiece – a huge octopus with concrete tentacles that will encircle anyone who cares to have their photo taken within the sculpture.

The concrete slab and rebar are in place for the new relic at his Davinoff’s Concrete Sculpture Park. When not in Wisconsin, Mr. Quasius and his wife Kathy have been making extended stays at their North Side home since 1998. To keep himself busy between fishing and snorkeling, he decided to take up sculpting a few years ago, and now the fruits of his labor are on display in his front yard.

There’s “Romenio” the crocodile, “Clawdette” the land crab, and even a dolphin surrounded by flying fish. The sculptor welcomes visitors to his park on Old Robin Road in Old Man Bay to watch the master at work and take photos.