50 years ago: Christmas visitors aplenty from near and far

In the Dec. 22, 1965 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, East End correspondent Charles Dixon noted a number of holiday visitors:

“There have been quite a number of folk arriving for the Christmas Season. On Thursday, there were Miss Mary Watler of Gun Bay who works as a practical nurse in Brooklyn, N.Y., Mrs. Lydia Rankin and her daughter Kathy (it was not possible for her husband Cardiff to accompany them on the trip), and Mrs. Evangeline Rankin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ennis McLaughlin. Her husband, Mr. O’Niel (yes, it is spelled this way) Rankin who is a seaman and employed by Grace Line Inc. of N.Y. will join her shortly.

“On Dec. 18, there were Mr. Dorren Green and Mr. Harris Conolly who are home on vacations from N.B.C.; Master David Ritch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Conolly, who is a student at Knox College in Ja., Mr. David Rankin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone Rankin, who attends school at the Centre for Deaf and Dumb at Spur Tree, Ja. Miss Treva McLaughlin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.A. McLaughlin, who is employed by Henry Shrouder Banking Corp. of N.Y., and Mr. Stephen Treadwell, who is from Baltimore, a warm welcome to East End, and hope he will have fun in the sun during his visit, and will be able to take some of our warm sunshine back to Alaska.”