50 years ago: A career move applauded and happy homecomings

In the Jan. 5, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, Brac correspondent Lilian Ritch wrote:

“Congratulations to Mr. Herbert Martin of Creek who has been accepted as Probationer Road Foreman in the Public Works Department. He left for Grand Cayman on the third instant. Herbert is a past student of Creek Primary School where he passed his Second Year Jamaica Local in 1955. He has been to sea with National Bulk Carriers, Inc. as an oiler. Always with the inclination to improve his intellectual standard, he came home after the last trip determined to make a start in private study. His goal is to be a General Civil Engineer. Not daunted by a first failure, he has made a second attempt at G.C.E. O-Level subjects on Jan. 4. We congratulate him on stepping on the first rung of the ladder of practical experience through service with the P.W.D.

“For the past year he has been the genial bread delivery man of the Pioneer Bakery. As Feste, the clown, in the recent production of “The Steward Malvolio,” he gave a fine performance of humour and wit showing his ability to take an art seriously. All his friends join in wishing him the very best for the future.”

In the newspaper’s Jan. 12, 1966 edition, Ms. Ritch reported:

“Mr. and Mrs. Lambert Foster of the Creek were the happy hosts of two sons and their families and a daughter on brief visits. They were Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Foster, James and Stephen (their sons). Their business. O.W. Foster and Sons is that of home builders and developers in Tampa, Florida. They were at home with the Foster clan at the Buccaneer’s Inn at a cocktail party and dance, which was a very happy function.

“With Mr. H. Burton Foster were his wife, Vera, and daughter, Sue, and his sister-in-law, Miss Lorna Mae Simpson. The Fosters are promoters of Tropicana Apartments in Port Arthur and Groves, Texas. This is a concept of 104 spacious apartments styled in their brochure ‘The Ultimate in Modern Apt. Living.’

“Mrs. Lilly Collins of New Orleans, Louisiana, is the eldest of Mr. Lambert’s family. She left the island 35 years ago, before the 1932 hurricane, and missed the greater population of that time. She thinks the possibilities here for tourists are terrific – one day from New Orleans to here is fabulous. The quietude and all year even temperature are our best attraction. Mrs. Collins is an interior decorator.

“Visiting here recently after an absence of 30 years was Miss Pearl Scott, daughter of the late Captain Decey and Mrs. Fanny Scott of West End. She has been resident for over 21 years in Trinidad, with her adopted parents, Uncle Dick and Daphne Tibbetts of Point–a-Pierre where Mr. Tibbetts was dock master for Texaco until he retired recently. She now has Trinidadian citizenship. She thinks the island has changed completely for the better – living is so much more convenient with electricity, running water, stores, lovely home buildings, and was most pleased to find the fruit bearing trees, many of which she did not think grew here at all. To her, the south side seems the most beautiful part of the island.”

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