Business in brief: ITS helps First Baptist stay online

Martin Wilson of ITS and Janet Durksen, vice principal of First Baptist Christian School. ITS donated and installed a new wireless network at the school.

Local IT company Information Technology Solutions (ITS) has donated and installed a new wireless network at First Baptist Christian School.

“We were experiencing slow speed, dropouts and downtime with our previous Wi-Fi system,” said Janet Durksen, the school’s vice principal.

The school, which has 125 students, has an established ICT program that embeds technology in the regular classroom curriculum, as well as a fully equipped computer lab.
FBCS has various tools that need a reliable network, such as interactive white boards, projectors, iPads and mobile laptop carts, all of which increase student engagement and allow for individualized learning platforms.

“Working with FBCS, we could see that the school’s Internet needs had completely outgrown their existing system,” said Martin Wilson of ITS. “To meet the school’s diverse Internet needs, ITS installed an enterprise level Ruckus wireless network which provides better coverage, capacity, flexibility, security and reliability.”

ITS also installed a Fortinet firewall, which creates a safety barrier between the trusted internal network and any outside networks, including anything else that might be trying to get into the network from the general Internet.

This all means that FBCS can offer a stable network for the school, while also offering guest access through special guest accounts, for example to visitors and the church congregation.
“We now have a safe, secure learning environment for students that is available when we need it,” said Mrs. Durksen. “We know that student learning and the professional practice of teachers is greatly enhanced by the new system. ITS continues to provide support for our staff and students and we are grateful for their outstanding level of service, professionalism, as well as their knowledgeable and experienced staff.”

Harneys launches offshore funds blog

Offshore law firm Harneys has launched an offshore funds blog on its website to explain how offshore funds work and why investment managers use them.

Featuring a mix of market and industry commentary, the firm said, the blog provides insight on the latest Cayman and BVI offshore fund news.

Bloggers discuss trends in offshore funds, issues affecting the funds industry, and how managers can maximize fund structures.

“Cayman’s sophisticated legal systems and creditor-friendly insolvency regimes make it a jurisdiction of choice for offshore investment funds,” said Partner Andy Moorhouse. “We are pleased to offer insight and commentary on the industry and the developments and trends we’re seeing in the market.”

BVI Partner Philip Graham said, “Before we started the blog, we noticed that there isn’t really a place where people can go for this type of information. The blog provides a forum where we can bring information to readers in an easy-to-digest format.”

Harneys Chairman Peter Tarn said, “The Offshore Funds Blog is a way for us to extend our message and engage with industry concerns, while increasing the level of transparency around offshore investing.”

Gert Post of GTT and Ian Neita, CEO of Global Directories, which has expanded into Guyana.
Gert Post of GTT and Ian Neita, CEO of Global Directories, which has expanded into Guyana.

Global Directories expands in Guyana

Caribbean directory publisher Global Directories has announced the acquisition of the publishing rights for Guyana Yellow Pages.

With this acquisition, Global Directories will expand its portfolio to 17 print telephone directories with 1.6 million copies in circulation in over 17 countries. Its online directories span more than 6,000,000 unique visitors and more than 27,000,000 searches annually, the company said.

“We are pleased to welcome Guyana to the Global Directories family,” said Ian Neita, CEO, Global Directories. “This is a significant milestone for Global Directories as we continue to expand our footprint and leverage new opportunities to improve the connection between buyers and sellers throughout the Caribbean, Central America and now South America,” he added.

New IMAC executive board elected

The Insurance Managers Association of Cayman elected a new executive committee at its annual general meeting on Jan. 20.

Kieran O’Mahony and Linda Haddleton will continue as IMAC chair and IMAC vice chair.

Joining them are continuing executive members Jennifer Reid (Global Captive Management), Secretary; Erin Brosnihan (Kensington), Forum Committee Chair; Adrian Lynch (Aon), Research & Development Committee Chair; John Pitcairn (Artex), Scholarship Committee Chair and JS de Jager (CSI International), Marketing Committee Chair along with newcomers Jim Owen (Willis), Treasurer and Colin Robinson (SRS), Education Committee Chair. Stepping down from the executive committee are Seamus Tivenan (SRS) and Stephen Gray (Willis).

IMAC Chair Kieran O’Mahony said, “I would like to thank both Seamus and Stephen for years of outstanding service to the Cayman Captive Insurance industry, whilst we will miss them on the executive committee we are excited to welcome both Colin and Jim and look forward to their contributions over the coming year.”

There were 21 full members present at the AGM, where Mr. O’Mahony gave an overview of the state of the industry and thanked members for their hard work, continued efforts and good performance during the past year.

In his overview Mr. O’Mahony highlighted the sustained growth in premiums written (6 percent) and total assets held (12.5 percent) despite the soft traditional insurance market.
Scholarship Committee Chair John Pitcairn provided members with an update, noting that through their efforts, 33 Caymanian students have now gone to university. To date, IMAC has raised $2.4 million in scholarship funding.

IMAC Vice Chair Linda Haddleton said, “Cayman continues to be at the forefront of the Captive industry, not only do we have a fantastic product but we also continue to attract world-class managers and service providers. We look forward to working with the new executive committee to continue our mission to promote the development of the Cayman Islands captive insurance industry.”

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