Ahhh … the day of love is finally approaching. Feb. 14 is the date when Cupid readies his bow and arrow, preparing to send romance out into the world to bring two people together in a happy glow.

Maybe it’s because I’m not dating someone right now (hint, hint), but I’ll dub it “Black Sunday” this year, if that’s OK with you. For the rest who are desperately looking for things to do with their honey, I have many suggestions. Gifts, dinners, flowers, walks on the beach … they are all available and possible in the Cayman Islands.

Of course, as Valentine’s Day is this weekend, you’re running out of time pretty quickly. Now is the time to act, lest you be joining me at the all-you-can-eat Singles Salad Bar.

Order now from the florist, or you'll be carrying a handful of hibiscus home from a roadside bush.
Order now from the florist, or you’ll be carrying a handful of hibiscus home from a roadside bush.


It should come as no surprise that Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for florists, trumped maybe only by Mother’s Day. As Feb. 14 falls on a Sunday this year, Friday and Saturday are really all you have left if you want to grab some blooms.

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Trisha’s Roses and Celebrations are two popular florists on the island, but do not expect to just walk in the door five minutes before close-of-business on Saturday and find a magnificent bouquet of red roses waiting for you. They usually recommend that people order at least a few days in advance, so even Friday is pushing it.

If you really get stuck, get thee to the supermarkets, which have really upped the ante over the years when it comes to their flower selection. However, if I can make a suggestion, you might want to go to one of the home stores and pick up a nice vase, take the flowers out of their wrapping, and arrange them. This way you’re not just handing over some plastic-wrapped roses that cement your moniker of Last Minute Larry.

The temperatures are perfect outside for a romantic dinner on the beach.
The temperatures are perfect outside for a romantic dinner on the beach.


It’s easy for me to say (and perhaps this is why I’m single), but do not buy any old thing just for the sake of getting a gift for your loved one. I mean, fine – if your lady is really into the jewelry, then who’s going to turn down a beautiful diamond something-or-other? But otherwise, try to find something really meaningful to show them that you care. If she is mechanically minded, get her some tools. Nothing says “I appreciate and love you” like a really high quality socket wrench.

If he loves opera, why not surprise him with a trip to Miami or New York to see one live?
Head to Bedside Manor, A. L. Thompson’s or Kirk Home Centre and splash out on some seriously soft and comfy bed linens. Think of the benefits you’ll reap when you both want to stay under the sheets for longer.

One of my favorite places to shop is Artifacts in George Town, on the waterfront. Charlie Adams has been running that shop for years and it is a treasure trove of unique antiquities from pipes to silver pieces, books, maps and coins. Whenever I’m stuck for a gift, I head there.

It’s also nicely placed right next to La Casa del Habano, a premier cigar emporium. If the love of your life loves cigars, this is where you need to go.

A dinner date is de rigueur on Feb. 14.
A dinner date is de rigueur on Feb. 14.


Valentine’s Day and dining out go together like peanut butter and jelly; apple pie and ice cream; and Pepsi and milk. Right? Restaurants have servers put through their paces like they’re preparing for the Super Bowl when Feb. 14 approaches. Kitchens and bars have to run like a finely tuned machine, and at the end of it all, hopefully every customer leaves happy, with maybe even a proposal or two accepted.

Again, much like the flower situation, you’ll be pretty lucky to get a reservation at this late hour. However, with so many fantastic restaurants on the island, there should be a table somewhere just waiting for you to sit at it.

Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that you cannot get in anywhere you want to go, or you’re just not the “dine out” kinda couple anyway. You can either cook the food at home from scratch, or you can pick up some prepared food from the markets. Have you visited Hurley’s, Foster’s or Kirk Market’s delis recently? They have some really impressive displays of hot and cold dishes that will cover your appetizer, entrée and even your dessert. Some of those soups are really yummy! Or get your dessert from somewhere like Treats or Icoa; pick up a great bottle of wine or two from Jacques Scott or Blackbeard’s; and you’re golden!

It does not have to be a fancy night out to be a great night of romance.


A written sentiment can mean so much more than a physical gift. In this day and age of Internet, email, Facebook and Twitter, a good ol’ pen-to-paper declaration of love really stands out from the crowd.

The supermarkets actually have a pretty good selection of cards, but if you have the time, head to one of the party stores and book shops to explore further options. Places like Atlantic and Petique also carry some weird and wonderful cards that you may not have seen before.

Shelves of the local supermarkets were laden with Valentine-themed candy from early January.
Shelves of the local supermarkets were laden with Valentine-themed candy from early January.

Secret Valentine

So, you’re not dating anyone for Valentine’s Day – so what? Is there someone out there you think is marvelous? Gorgeous? Wonderful? Handsome?

If so, why not send them an anonymous Valentine greeting to let them know that there’s someone thinking of them, who reckons they’re all that and a bag of chips? You never know what may happen, and worst case scenario, you’ve made someone’s day by letting them know they’re special.

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