Rumble on the Rock a sellout

Lillie’s nightclub to become boxing arena

Cayman Fight Factory coaches Jesse Livingston and Floyd Moxam gear up for the Rumble on the Rock.

Lillie’s nightclub will be transformed into a kickboxing arena Saturday night as the Cayman Fight Factory hosts what it hopes will be the first of a series of public fight nights.

A ring will be set up on the dance floor of the popular nightspot, above Whiskey Mist, and 10 of the best fighters at the George Town gym will go head-to-head in front of 200 spectators.

The “Rumble on the Rock” will also feature some charity bouts and demonstrations involving instructors at the gym.

Jesse Livingston, one of the owners of the gym, said the idea is to showcase the sport and create some excitement about kickboxing in Cayman.

He said the fighters had been training hard over the past few months.

“They have been down here at least four times a week, training and sparring. They have really committed to it over the past six weeks.

“They are all amateur fighters and it is their first crack at anything like this.”

There will be five main bouts over three, three-minute rounds.

Organized in association with Epic Day Entertainment, the event is a novel concept for Cayman.

“It is going to be quality entertainment and a good level of kick boxing in a different kind of atmosphere,” said Livingston.

The Rumble on the Rock is sold out, but Livingston is hopeful that public fight nights can become a regular fixture in Cayman’s sporting calendar.

“We’d like to get the other gyms involved and do this every few months.

The goal is to make this a test run and see what buzz it creates.”

Livingston will get in the ring himself for a charity bout with fellow instructor Floyd Moxam, aiming to raise cash for the Humane Society.

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