50 years ago: George Town’s airport renovations

George-Town-50-years-finalIn the March 2, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, the latest airport news included:

“The Caymanian expects to bring you news of the progress on the reconstruction of the airport from time to time as the work progresses.

“Mr. D.M. Rennie, project manager at the airport, informs us that preparation work is getting under way.

“The quarry plant is in place and has started crushing stone; the contractor’s offices have been erected and are having the finishing touches put to them; the Storage Hopper for Concrete has been erected and the concrete mixer is now in its place.

“The ‘Inagua Rover’ arrived in George Town on Thurs. last with heavy asphalting equipment for the Limmer and Trinidad Company plus a few more items for the contractors.

“The consultant’s offices are now nearing completion and blasting operations have been going on at the quarry at Spotts.

“The navigational beacon for aircraft has now been installed at the airport.

“This beacon was originally at Palisadoes and was donated to the Cayman Islands Corp. by the authorities in Jamaica.

“It was brought here 18 months ago and the unit has been completely rebuilt to bring it up to present day standards.

“It contains a 1,000 watt lens system and the rotation is at 41/2 revolutions per minute.

“It is under the complete control of the traffic controller in the airport tower so that in the event of a pilot complaining of the light dazzling him when he is coming in to land, the controller can switch it off. The angle of the light beam is set at 5 degrees above horizontal which is the correct setting for this type of light.”

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