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All airport staff should be vaccinated

I am a quarantined triple-vaccinated visitor. I read everything in the Cayman Compass. As I passed through the airport, I asked the health workers and...

165,000 test kits from South Korea arrive in Cayman

Cayman has received a shipment of test kits which government purchased from a South Korean company.

Airports likely to remain closed until at least 30 May

Cayman's borders are likely to stay closed until the end of May, Premier Alden McLaughlin said Tuesday.

Airfield works again close part of Crewe Road

Ongoing work at the airfield at Owen Roberts International Airport are again requiring the night-time road closure of a section of Crewe Road.

Brac airport re-opens

Cayman Brac's Charles Kirkconnell International Airport's runway was closed today (Thursday) after a private aircraft aborted its takeoff.

Car crashes into airport building

Police arrested a 31-year-old man for DUI on Friday night after his grey Porsche SUV crashed into a building at the airport.

New customs channels at airport

The Customs Department at Owen Roberts International Airport in Grand Cayman has introduced red and green customs channels in a bid to streamline the duty declaration system.

Renovation work to reduce space at airport check-in area

As expansion work on the Owen Roberts International Airport continues, the Cayman Islands Airports Authority is advising travelers to expect some inconvenience at the check-in area of the airport from Monday.

EDITORIAL – At the airport: No free rides

For the sake of the $55 million airport renovation project, we can understand months of inconvenience. What we can’t understand is extorting passengers, for the sake of $2 a pop.

Fogger used to clear birds from airport

Operations staff at the Owen Roberts International Airport are using new equipment – a fogger – to reduce the number of bird at the airport. According to a statement issued by the Cayman Islands Airports Authority Tuesday, its Operations Department in collaboration with the Safety Office, is now using “an environmentally safe device” to keep the birds away.

Passengers warned over months of inconvenience as airport expands

Airport officials have urged passengers to be patient and warned there may be months of inconvenience ahead as work on the multi-million dollar expansion of the facility intensifies. Temporary fencing had been installed near the entrance to the check-in hall Monday and passengers were being diverted around the construction zone on makeshift walkways.

Airport parking

Parking headache

EDITORIAL – The Owen Roberts bemusement park

Our fervent wish is that we could approach a parking machine at Grand Cayman’s airport and not be greeted with a warning sign, an error message or a device that is obviously nonfunctional.

New airport parking system, same problems

Some customer service problems that have plagued Grand Cayman’s airport parking facilities for a number of years have not been corrected since the installation of a new automated system, and new problems were temporarily brought on by a recent lightning strike, according to airport officials.

Final flight for BA jet

Airport staff bid farewell to an old friend Wednesday when the last British Airways Boeing 767-300 jet departed the Cayman Islands.

Saab plane damaged for second time at airport

The newest plane in Cayman Airways’ fleet will be out of action for around two weeks after being damaged in stormy weather over the weekend.

Traveler entrusted to deliver money found guilty of theft

Two women were found guilty on Wednesday of stealing US$1,000 from a person at the Owen Roberts Airport who wanted to send the money to her son in Jamaica.

Responders get plane crash refresher

First responders got a refresher course in aviation disaster management when the Cayman Islands Airports Authority simulated a plane crash on Wednesday afternoon.

Airport firing air cannons to scare off birds

Air cannons are being fired at the airport to help scare birds away from the runway, according to the Cayman Islands Airports Authority.

Airport fence damaged in crash

The Owen Roberts International Airport perimeter fence was damaged Thursday afternoon when a car smashed into the fence during a downpour.

Airport security tax raised more than 30%

The charge levied on airline passengers age 12 and over departing from Cayman that funds passenger security measures has been increased by $2.50 (US$2.90) per passenger, according to the Cayman Islands Airports Authority.

Travel to United States now requires biometric passports

New travel requirements are causing problems for some individuals who attempt to travel to or through the U.S. without a biometric passport.

50 years ago: Young men make tracks in aviation field

In the April 20, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, George Town correspondent Frances Bodden wrote: “Mrs. Bertie Cooper and Dr. Collins arrived for a day’s stay in the island on April 14."

Vendor relocates under tree

When street vendor Rayburn Ebanks was removed the site where he sold goods alongside the Owen Roberts International Airport fence in 2013, he simply moved across the road to the cricket pitch.

50 years ago: George Town’s airport renovations

In the March 2, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, the latest airport news included:

Airport evacuated amid fire scare

The Owen Roberts International Airport was evacuated Wednesday afternoon after smoke was spotted in the construction area next to the terminal. The smoke is believed to have resulted from smoldering insulation material during steel work for the construction project.

New rules for hobbyist drone operators

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands has issued new restrictions prohibiting users of small unmanned aircraft, commonly known as drones, from flying the vehicles near airports and the prison.

Runway extension pushed forward

Plans to begin expanding the runway at the Owen Roberts International Airport to allow long-haul flights into Grand Cayman are being pushed forward.

Delays, cancellations on CAL flights

Maintenance issues have been blamed for a series of delays and a handful of flight cancellations on Cayman Airways routes over the past month. Two...

Brac airport veteran retires

Longtime Cayman Brac airport worker Daryl “Bud” Walton retired last week after nearly three decades. Mr. Walton, officially the airport’s maintenance officer, was lauded Friday...

50 years ago: Excitement at the Brac airport, births

In the Jan. 19, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, Cayman Brac correspondent Lilian Ritch wrote: “The airport terminal...

50 Years ago: Airport faces maintenance hurdles

In the Jan. 12, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, updates on the airport included: “The full-time Groundsman is...

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