Royal Cayman Islands Police Service officers issued nearly five dozen traffic citations last week in Grand Cayman’s eastern districts.

In addition to 58 traffic tickets, police also made 11 arrests in the district during the week of Feb. 21 to Feb. 28 for drugs, drunken driving, a burglary and outstanding warrants, police said.

They also served 31 summons in that week.

New Bodden Town police station commander Frank Owens said traffic enforcement by his officers, particularly on weekends, was being stepped up in the districts. On Sunday, Feb. 28, RCIPS issued 19 citations in one day and made four arrests for drug-related offenses.

“My current focus is on burglary and the illegal and dangerous riding of motorcycles and dirt bikes, which is an obnoxious nuisance affecting the quality of life of residents in the area,” Mr. Owens said. “We intend to send a message that the eastern districts are not a place for weekend drinking and racing.”


  1. It is good to see that the police are ticketing for traffic violations. My question to the police service is when are other parts of the island going to see some traffic enforcement?

    Our family, among many others, live on Fairbanks Rd, a residential area, inclusive of a school. Since 2006 I can count on my hand the number of police I have seen enforcing any traffic regulations in the area.

    This road has a speed limit of 25MPH, 15MPH in the school zones. For a residential/school zone, it should be safe to bike, walk and drive however, 90% of all cars traveling on Fairbanks Rd travel at very high speeds, with no regards for school zones, stop signs or pedestrians.

    I believe this has reached gigantic proportions and is completely out of control because there is little to no police presence in the area and there has never been a routine traffic stop set up in the area. This drives down the value of the area and the quality of life for families who are residing in the midst of this lawless speedway.

    I call on the police to come out and make some much needed revenue in the way of traffic tickets in the area, so we can all walk our dogs, bike to school and live without fearing the worst.

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