50 years ago: Interesting experiences abroad

cayman-brac-by-LilianIn the March 9, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, Cayman Brac correspondent Lilian Ritch wrote:

“We welcome ‘home’ Mr. and Mrs. Don Farquhar and young Richard of Wilmington, Del. and Mr. and Mrs. Howard G. Henry of Maryland. These are among our oldest friends who winter here.

“Welcome, also, to our men recently returned home on vacation from N.B.C., among them Lloyd Bodden, who was junior engineer on the ‘Ore Titon,’ Jim Dilbert of Watering Place, Gibson Connolly of the Point and Quellon Scott of Spot Bay.

“Recently returned from Jamaica after a restful vacation is Mrs. Nathan Ebanks with her daughter Annie Grace and little granddaughter Annie. Annie Grace spent three months in the West Indies College, Mandeville. A year ago, she earned a certificate by home study from the American Institute of Practical Nursing. Mrs. Alda is one of the West End’s most industrious personalities in thatch straw work.

“Enjoying the fishing in their own fibreglass boat with 40 h.p. Johnson Outboard Motor are young Kirby and Dervyn, sons of Capt. and Mrs. Clyde Scott of the West End. Kirby has completed his training for the National Guard of the U.S. Army. Last year, his mother, Mrs. Zenie, experienced the thrill of witnessing his unit’s return from Summer Camp and dispersal for leave. There were 700 trucks and jeeps filled with young men of ages 20-23 in uniform, of the same height, and all looking happy. There was the joy of spotting her son in this picture of beauty in discipline. Kirby is now in the Reserves, Communications Department.

“Dervyn works in the New Orleans branch of the brothers’ firm, Scott Fence and Insulation Co. of Louisiana.”

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