Doctors from Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital, along with other investors, finalized a deal Wednesday to buy the hospital from its founder, Dr. Steve Tomlinson.

From left, David Pellow, Dr. Yaron Rado, Dr. Steve Tomlinson and Nadine Tomlinson-Brown announce the sale of Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital on Wednesday.
From left, David Pellow, Dr. Yaron Rado, Dr. Steve Tomlinson and Nadine Tomlinson-Brown announce the sale of Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital on Wednesday.

Dr. Yaron Rado, one of the new owners, said the deal has been in the works for four years. “It has taken a lot of persistence,” he said, “but now is when the real work starts.”

Dr. Tomlinson will remain at the hospital, focused solely on treating patients. “I sincerely believe it is in the best interest of our islands that the physicians and medical practitioners, all of whom are deeply attached to CTMH, are able to continue to grow the hospital,” he said in a press release.

“I know the hospital has a strong future under the governance of this experienced CTMH team, and I am proud to pass the baton to this new generation of leaders.”

Dr. Tomlinson named the hospital for his mother, who died shortly after her son broke ground on the Walkers Road facility.

Dr. Rado called the sale a “generational change” and told the Cayman Compass, “We do have some big plans.” He said the new owners are keeping those plans to themselves for the time being. He said most of the doctors at the hospital, as well as some outside investors and business people in Cayman, bought shares.

Patients will not see any changes with their doctors, nurses and staff, he said, but they will see some changes soon, which he described as a “streamlining” and “face-lift” to the hospital’s operations.

“We will be more competitive than we were before,” said Dr. Rado, a radiologist at the hospital.

“We have some ambitious growth plans and now we have financial support; the next few years represent a tremendous opportunity to build on Chrissie Tomlinson’s history of exceptional healthcare,” he said in a statement announcing the sale.

In the short term, Dr. Rado said, “We will assess more than doing big things.

“Doctors look after patients, that’s what we do best,” he said in an interview after the sale was announced. He emphasized that that is what the new owners plan to continue doing.

Dr. Rado said the new owners “took over the hospital as it is,” including keeping the staff and taking over all existing contracts.

Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital was opened as a private, for-profit hospital in May 2000 by Dr. Tomlinson. The 18-bed hospital specializes in surgery, with 26 doctors and 120 people on staff.

Earlier this year, the group of doctors advertised for Caymanian investors to help buy and run the hospital, with a goal of raising about $30 million to purchase the hospital and its assets.

The ad said the capital from investors would be used to “purchase the real estate upon which the hospital is located, purchase shares in the operating companies, including equipment and supplies, employ the requisite expertise and provide additional capital for upgrades during the first year of operation of the business.”

In an interview last year, Dr. Tomlinson told the Cayman Compass that the hospital has about 120 major cases a month.

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  1. Congrats Dr. T on the sale. Writing was on the wall when the Shetty Hospital moved into town. We just dont have the volume in Cayman to support 3 major hospitals. Medical tourism- wait and see if this all gets off the ground and brings in long term and sustainable dollars to become a third pillar of the Cayman economy. Look at Jamaica with the legalization of the “green” stuff. My thoughts go for gaming and high end casinos – Monaco style. Too many bankrupt Vegas type casinos around Miami and Caribbean. Look at poor Bah a mar in liquidation. Go Monaco style with USD 5M buy in per hand. Gov gets X percentage of the winnings. Cant lose my friends. But oh yes we will have to amend that pesky Gambling Law of ours. Might as well because lots of people playing numbers and this is only fattening up the underground economy and GOV gets zippo in return. In fact negative because GOV has to spend money to enforce the Gambling Law. Gotta do something – New World Order coming and best be prepared for change a coming

  2. Dr Tomlinson, the icon of that Hospital. When one reflect on him, one can only have good thoughts, because to me he was and will always be among Caymans Number One Doctors.
    Going to Tomlinson Hospital it was like going to receive the BEST. attention, and at the hospital everybody only wanted to see Dr Tomlinson no matter what the complaint, from a buck toe or a broke foot.
    A beautiful well equipped, friendly hospital with some of the best doctors and nurses..
    Maybe selling it was the best at this time, however I am sure all of Dr Tomlinson patients are going to be delighted to know he will still be there.
    I wish the Cayman Islands Government could have bought it for a research Centre, and I do hope that one day they will change their attitude towards Cinico patients exploring other options with their Cards.