50 years ago: Scotts return to visit, Britton Grants leave

cayman-brac-by-LilianIn the March 23, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, Cayman Brac correspondent Lilian Ritch wrote:

“More members of the Scott family of the West End have been visiting their homeland. With Mr. and Mrs. Eric Scott have been 2 brothers, Messrs. Carl J. and Waldorf, sons of the late Captain Eldred and Mrs. Susie Scott. These brothers migrated to the U.S.A. with their parents in 1917 and are resident in Mobile, Alabama.

“Mr. Carl has visited the Brac frequently in recent years. He is chief mate on the ‘Dow Chem’ supertanker of the Dow Chemical Co. with H.Q. in New York. Mr. Waldorf saw active service in France in World War II and is now in the government service in Brookley Air Force Base, Mobile, where he resides with his wife, Kathryn and 2 daughters. He thoroughly enjoyed this first visit back to the land of his birth.

“Recently, there has been an exodus of the Britton Grant family of West End. Mrs. Grant, Glo and Diana accompanied the eldest daughter Garlin, Mrs. Larry Foster, on a visit to Jamaica to await the arrival of the stork.

“At the same time, the sons, Messrs. Geddes and Garston returned to their jobs with N.B.C., Geddes to 3rd mate on the ‘Edward L. Steiniger’ and Garston to 2nd engineer on the ‘Ore Convey.’ Mr. and Mrs. Garston, Tod and baby brother have moved into their newly built home beyond Salt Water Pond on the South Side. This is the first native home in this ideal residential location.

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“Among those who came in by CBA on Thursday last were: Royce, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hallan Dilbert, home on vacation off N.B.C. ‘Ore Chief,’ who hurried home hoping to meet his dad, on his vacation off the ‘Baretta,’ Mrs. Isabel Hydes of West Bay, mother of Miss Vernice Hydes of the staff of West End Primary School, and Mrs. Amy Ebanks came to visit with her daughter Mrs. LeRoy Walton and family of Spot Bay.”

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