Red Bay students take the YMCA pledge

Students, teachers and parents take the YMCA pledge to uphold five core values during a ceremony led by special guest, YMCA’s high school program coordinator Carl Morgan. – PHOTO: ALMA CHOLLETTE

Forty students of the Red Bay Primary extended after-school program pledged to upkeep the five core values of the YMCA on March 23.

Since the start of the year, students ages 5-11 have listened to weekly stories and participated in activities surrounding the importance of responsibility, respect, caring, honesty and faith, which are the YMCA’s core values.

Weekly activities like Kid Fit, Judo, and Seed-to-Plate are several programs that have highlighted core values for Red Bay students.

The pledge ceremony, which took place in Mary Miller Hall, featured a video presentation starring Red Bay students working together, and defining what the core values meant to them.

There was also a guest presentation by the YMCA’s high school program coordinator, Carl Morgan, who kept the young crowd involved in active discussion.

In his talk, Mr. Morgan stressed the importance of having values and showing appreciation for one another.

He also managed to wow the audience with a series of backflips, before prompting the children to take their pledge.

Before an audience of parents, peers, teachers, and YMCA staff, the children pledged to uphold the five core values to the best of their ability.

Jazmine McLaughlin, Suri Faulknor, and Azaria Wright closed the ceremony with their original song about caring.

This ceremony was the first time that the Red Bay Primary students have taken the YMCA pledge.

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