Free parking

Is there anywhere else in the world where a busy capital has free all-day on-street parking? Let’s face it. The streets of central George Town each weekday are just a free car park. I guess that people who work in town and have driven in (probably alone) take up the spaces early in the morning.

I have lost count of the number of times that I have looked for a parking place as I drive through, so that I can visit a store, only to give up. Now I would not dream of driving into George Town to shop. I do not believe that I am the only one, and perhaps this is contributing to the demise of stores in town.

Has the idea of parking meters with time limits been looked at? Not only would this create Caymanian jobs but it would also produce revenue. It would also mean that one could drive into town to visit a store knowing that you would probably be able to find a parking place for, say, an hour. This would benefit the store.

Incidentally, I notice that some stores place orange cones on the road in front of their store to reserve the parking place for themselves. Is this practice legal?

George Tustin


  1. Mr Tustin , I agree with your letter , but it shows where the leadership and planning and development of the Islands to day , just a other thing for government to look at along with the planning laws.

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