50 years ago: Girls’ Brigaders to visit Canada

West-bay-50-years-finalIn the April 27, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, West Bay correspondent Leila Yates wrote:

“Congratulations to Betty Ruth Ebanks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ebanks and Carol Ann Ebanks, daughter of Mrs. Dell Ebanks both of West Bay No. 3 Company, who have been selected for the Girls’ Brigade Canadian exchange visit. These have been two faithful girls from the garden days of the Girls Guildry and now they are Brigaders. They have always achieved credits in their bible exams, Sunday school and guildry and as two hard working jolly girls they are well deserving of the opportunity to represent Cayman abroad.

“Their third child and second daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Williams on the 18th. Mr. Leslie Tibbetts left on the 17th to resume his job on the S.S. Florida. Mrs. Cleo Moore left on the 21st to obtain medical aid in Jamaica. Messrs. Gideon Rivers and Carson Smith have gone to U.S. to take up jobs with the Overseas Corporation.

“Mr. Kirkwood Ebanks left on the 17th to work for National Bulk Carriers on the S.S. Ore Neptune. Cpl. Kirksy Wallace returned to his duty in the Army after spending two weeks vacation at home.

“Special services were held in the Pilgrim Holiness Church on Friday and Saturday nights. A group of 27 ladies from the Missionary Societies of the Church were guests. They gave their experiences in India, Africa and other places. They rendered special music in song and their Director, Miss Meeks, spoke on behalf of the group, telling how happy they were to be able to visit our island. Special features were again given in the Sunday morning worship. They left on the 24th.

“Returned with much improved health on the 23rd from Jamaica was Mrs. Una Thompson who went there for medical attention. Arriving the same day was Mr. J.P. Powell from Jamaica where he combined a business trip with a checkup on his eye condition.”

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