Students find inspiration in flotsam

Amelia Dyck, Abbey Walton and Janae Scott scour the beach for inspiration. - Photos: Simone Scott

The student artists in the National Gallery’s Walkers Art Club at Spot Bay Primary School recently focused their creative skills on turning found objects into eye-catching artwork.

Hailey Ebanks, Sheila Watler and Talia Bustillo Bing.
Hailey Ebanks, Sheila Watler and Talia Bustillo Bing.

The Gallery’s Sister Islands officer and instructor Simone Scott led a series of workshops on March 11 and 18 and April 15 on assemblage, an approach to making art which dates back to Pablo Picasso’s cubist works from 1912 onward. Students also took inspiration from contemporary Baltimore-based artist Donald Edwards and “Fish Skeleton” (2012), an art piece by Rasitha Sanjeewa which is part of the National Gallery’s permanent collection on display in Grand Cayman.

By re-purposing items they found on the beach, the young artists worked together to transform what might be considered as junk by some into a piece of art, which they have affectionately titled “Coco the Dog” because of the coconut that played a key part in the project.

“The project changed a lot during the process until they could all decide on how the dog would look, down to the collar and a hair ribbon,” said Ms. Scott.

“By the end of the class, students were in love with their creation and very proud of it.”

Ms. Scott noted that ever since the Art of Assemblage exhibition was held at the National Gallery in May 2013, junk art projects have proven a hit each year with the Walkers Art Club students in Cayman Brac.

Hailey Ebanks touches up Coco the Dog.
Hailey Ebanks touches up Coco the Dog.

“This year I was surprised by what they were able to achieve with just a few found items. Their creative juices flowed and problem solving skills were tested.”

Along with the coconut, “Coco the Dog” also featured some ingeniously re-purposed plastic bottles and flip-flops.

“National Gallery programs in Cayman Brac have provided a much-needed artistic outlet, especially for Spot Bay Primary School students, since they have not had an art teacher this school year,” said Ms. Scott.

“We are very grateful to Walkers for sponsoring these two very popular art clubs at Spot Bay and West End primary schools.”

Walkers Art Club (Cayman Brac – Spot Bay Primary School) takes place every Friday from 3-4 p.m. Walkers Art Club (Cayman Brac – West End Primary School) takes place every Tuesday from 3-4 p.m.

For more information about the National Gallery Walkers Art Clubs in Cayman Brac, email [email protected] or call (345) 945-8111.

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