Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush has based his parliamentary career upon serving the needs of his constituents in West Bay. He has added one more chapter to his political biography by requesting a substantial increase in funding for the Cayman Islands Meals on Wheels program.

The $150,000 to $200,000 that Mr. Bush is suggesting will help Meals on Wheels feed the 176 seniors on its client list and also expand its services throughout Grand Cayman, where the organization has identified an additional 160 people who need assistance in West Bay and North Side.

Meals on Wheels currently receives $52,000 per year from government. Last year, Meals on Wheels sought an additional $88,000 for its expansion — government responded with an insulting increase of $8,000.

This year, the group repeated its request for more funds — this time, government granted them nothing extra.

Some weeks ago, we wrote in an editorial, “When public sector budgets are being crafted, every dollar is a decision. Where money is allocated … is an indication of the value placed on that subject or cause.”

Mr. Bush’s intervention, if successful, will help to put our country’s priorities in proper order.

In a subsequent editorial on the same subject, we wrote that the opportunity to fund Meals on Wheels “is one of those moments — a moment that we must not let pass — that summons the conscience of our country.”

Mr. Bush has consulted his conscience and answered its call on behalf of Cayman’s neglected, but nevertheless beloved, elderly community.

To lawmakers’ credit, the Legislative Assembly unanimously supported Mr. Bush’s general motion, but the government has not committed to a specific dollar figure.

According to how much (or how little) actual additional funding that Meals on Wheels receives in the next budget, we — and our entire readership — shall see where our leaders’ priorities lie, and what their conscience has told them.

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  1. As I write this comment my wife is out delivering meals to seniors in West Bay. Something she started after reading your distressing editorial a few weeks ago.

    I would not wish to presume to tell the government where money should be allocated. I realize that the pie is only so big and for one slice to be bigger another must be smaller.

    But it seems to me this is a very deserving cause.

    France has an interesting legal system. Adult French children are required by law to financially help their parents

    Of course there is no such law here.

  2. I think that the government should give the elderly poor and needy citizens of the country more support .
    Which we should stop and realize that the world is not that old , that we should admit that they were the first care takers and builders of the country , before today’s politicians came along and is able to reap what the elderly citizens sewed without returning some kind of good help to them . When they can get such big salary and live like kings and Queens

    When we look at governments from around the world that just sell out their people by the way of neglect to the citizens and let them have to compete against people with so much money , all because of money and greed .

    I wonder how France enforce their children take care of their parents laws ?
    When I know that a lot of people in the world have lost their whole life savings
    through banks going under or some other unforeseen reasons , and government didn’t have no safety net in place for them , and got to start their own lives over .