Health City pledges to support Adventist hospitals

Health City Cayman Islands representatives met with Seventh-day Adventist Church administrators at the Inter-American Division headquarters in Miami to sign a memorandum of underststanding.

Health City Cayman Islands has pledged to support regional Seventh-day Adventists hospitals in a memorandum of understanding that was signed last month.

Administrators of Health City and the Seventh-day Adventist healthcare agency overseeing regional Adventist hospitals – Adventist Healthcare Services Inter-America – met in Miami on April 18 to sign the memorandum.

The formal agreement stipulates that Health City will help to provide affordable medical care, education and training, and access to affordable medical supplies for six Adventist hospitals in the Caribbean and Latin America, according to a press release from the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Caribbean Adventist hospitals benefiting from the memorandum include Andrews Hospital in Jamaica, Community Hospital in Trinidad, Antillean Adventist Hospital in Curacao, Vista del Jardin Medical Center in Dominican Republic, and Haiti Adventist Hospital in Haiti. A hospital in Mexico is also a beneficiary of the agreement.

Adventist leaders hope the agreement can eventually be extended to the rest of the 14 hospitals managed and operated by the Adventist Healthcare Services Inter-America, according to the release.

Adventist health administrators said this relationship with Health City will “ultimately result in consistency of standards across all Adventist hospitals in the Caribbean and Latin America.”

Health City’s assistant chaplain, Pastor Sethres Dixon, Project Director Gene Thompson and CEO Dr. Chandy Abraham represented the hospital at the signing ceremony. Mr. Thompson and Dr. Abraham signed the memorandum on behalf of Health City. Ellie Honore represented Adventist Healthcare Services, and Pastor Israeil Leito signed for the church.

“We are honored to be part of this project,” Dr. Abraham said, as he addressed church leaders at the signing ceremony. “The Seventh-day Adventist Church has mission hospitals across the Caribbean islands which align with the way we think.”

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