Hypnotherapist launches ‘Magnified’ book

Paul Challenger launches his first book, 'Magnified - Create a Better You,' on Saturday. - PHOTO: TANEOS RAMSAY

After dedicating six months to the completion of his book, local author and hypnotherapist Paul Challenger is inviting the public to the launch of “Magnified – Create a Better You.”

Paul Challenger launches his first book, 'Magnified - Create a Better You,' on Saturday. - PHOTO: TANEOS RAMSAY
Paul Challenger launches his first book, ‘Magnified – Create a Better You,’ on Saturday. – PHOTO: TANEOS RAMSAY

“Magnified,” Mr. Challenger’s first book, promotes self-awareness, positive thinking and self-empowerment, and is scheduled to be launched at the Book Nook on Saturday.

Mr. Challenger was first prompted to take up writing by a local writer who believed that Mr. Challenger could better reach a larger audience if he wrote a book centered on giving advice and techniques for coping with pressures.

As a practicing hypnotherapist for more than 10 years, he has devoted his career to helping clients overcome and manage obstacles through hypnotherapy.

He hopes his 26-chapter book will motivate and inspire readers to lead more positive and healthier lives.

Raised by a single mother working two jobs, he faced difficulty growing up without a father, he said.

As a child, he experienced anxiety and anger and often felt that his father’s absence hindered his ability to go through life as a normal person.

Nevertheless, he became curious about the mind, and at age nine, he began questioning why people felt the way they did and wondered what he could do to help. From a young age, he said, he counseled those in need.

For the author, growing up in Rock Hole in George Town consisted of reading Beano and Archie comics, Nancy Drew books, and writing. Books were his haven and joy, he said, and they kept him going.

At age 25, the former Cayman Islands High School student took an interest in pursuing a career in the field of therapy, years after meeting with a psychologist.

“I wanted a career where I could help other people,” said Mr. Challenger, who went on to study psychology and various therapies, from relaxation therapy to cognitive behavioral therapy.

But it was not until he was in his 30s that he knew for certain that he wanted to pursue a career in hypnotherapy.

According to the author, now 41, “[‘Magnified’] teaches that we can become more responsible, we can change our thinking and behavior by being honest with ourselves.

“I have enjoyed putting on paper what I’ve had inside [my mind for years]. It’s on paper now, and [perhaps] someone can access help [from it].”

The author said a screenwriting course had helped his writing.

“Whatever came to my mind, I wrote,” he said. And at one point, “I finished a whole chapter in one sitting.”

“Magnified – Create a Better You” is a self-help, body and mind genre book, suitable for readers of all ages, and, according to its author, “anyone who is looking for self-empowerment can read it.”

In his book, Mr. Challenger introduces psychology concepts and therapy techniques, which readers can use on their own.

“What [also] inspired me to write is that I’m always teaching and telling people about the mind. And I can’t reach every person,” said the author.

Following the launch of “Magnified,” Mr. Challenger expects another self-help book to be completed within the next six months.

The book launch will take place at the Book Nook, in Galleria Plaza, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.

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