50 years ago: Church and road construction progresses

Northside-50-years-finalIn the May 18, 1966 edition of the Caymanian Weekly, a precursor of the Cayman Compass, North Side correspondent Nettie McCoy wrote:

“Building of the new United Church commenced on the 16th. Materials have been arriving on the site and everyone is quite pleased that at long last the prospect of a new building is being fulfilled. Mr. James Arch is in charge with Mr. Ned Miller and other local men assisting.

“Work has been progressing on the road coming into North Side which is in bad condition and it is hoped that this improvement will continue on through the district as the roads are almost unfit to walk on now, with loose rocks and pot holes in great numbers. As one walks back and forth on this road, one is tempted to agree with our Bodden Town reporter and his comments in the press.

“So many times North Side seems to be not only the last but the least as well.

“Arriving home on the 15th was Mr. Cloden Douglas from National Bulk Carriers, and Mr. Clem Ryan who has been residing in the U.S. for quite a while. He is visiting his mother who has been indisposed for quite some time now.

“Leaving on the 14th was Rev. Ruth Bowman, pastor in charge, Pilgrim Holiness Church, and Miss Jennilee Ebanks. Miss Bowman will be away for a few weeks, spending about two weeks in Jamaica then proceeding on to the U.S. Jennilee has gone to the University Hospital seeking medical aid.”