CUC worker honored with accounting award

Awarded Accounts Payable Manager of the Year by Institute of Finance and Management

A local young man who encourages Caymanian youth to push for their dreams is the first in Cayman to receive the Accounts Payable Manager of the Year award from the Institute of Finance and Management.

Sebastian Bodden has been selected as 2015-16 international AP Manager of the Year.
Sebastian Bodden has been selected as 2015-16 international AP Manager of the Year.

Sebastian Bodden, head of the revenue and payables team at Caribbean Utilities Company, received the award from the Portland, Maine-based organization for demonstrating bar-raising levels of leadership from an organization with less than $1 billion in annual revenue.

The Institute of Finance and Management provides training, education and certification programs specifically for professionals in the accounting field.

“I was completely elated and humbled to be selected as the 2015-16 international AP Manager of the Year; to me this recognition solidifies my hard work and dedication in the revenue and payable profession and pushes me to strive for even greater success and innovation,” said Mr. Bodden.

He says he is a firm believer in accepting any challenge and pushing the limits to go further.

In October 2015, Mr. Bodden flew to Las Vegas to accept his award and give an acceptance speech.

Coworkers describe Mr. Bodden as “naturally meticulous,” someone who pays attention to all the details of his department and doesn’t let anything slip under the radar. Under his leadership, Mr. Bodden’s department at CUC has implemented several layers of automation, a travel advance tracking system and new payment processes for startup subsidiaries, among other efficiencies. Bodden also created an employee rewards program at zero cost to the company.

Mr. Bodden, who has been with CUC for the past eight and a half years was nominated online by a peer professional and coworker at CUC.

Subsequent to receiving the award and networking in Las Vegas, Mr. Bodden assisted other accounts payable professionals as a consultant for various issues and was invited to be a speaker at the 2016 Asia P2P Transformation Summit in Singapore held in March.

Growing up in Prospect, Mr. Bodden attended Savannah Primary, George Hicks High and John Gray High, graduating with honors from all three. He also received a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University College of the Cayman Islands and completed numerous professional training programs in the accounting field.

He said his mother, Hillsey Bodden, is his role model, because she exemplifies hard work, ethics and dedication no matter the circumstances, and has shaped him to be the man he is today.

His accounting career came about because of his fascination with numbers. With Cayman being such a key player in the global financial industry, he was certain that he could obtain knowledge, exposure and challenges by entering this field.

“Believe in yourself and to push for your dreams and approach every goal, task or job with a positive attitude and the dedication that you can make a difference by taking it to the next level,” said Mr. Bodden.

“Do not run from the challenges, but face them head-on to enhance your skills and character, thus making your mark as a positive link in society, nationally and globally.”

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