Burglar jailed for 41 months

After admitting three residential burglaries in West Bay over a five-week period, Kenoi McCarval Smith was sentenced Monday to serve 41 months in prison.

Smith, now 25, committed the burglaries during a period between late November and New Year’s Eve in 2014, while he was residing in Cayman on a work permit.

Magistrate Valdis Foldats said Smith’s immigration status was an aggravating factor. “We have a man who comes to our island and shortly thereafter commits residential burglaries.”

The magistrate pointed out that Smith’s unlawful entry into people’s homes had involved not just stealing but ransacking. He agreed with Crown counsel Candia James that the starting point for sentence should be five years. He gave Smith credit for being “open and candid” with probation officers about his background.

“I’m coming from a very rough life,” Smith replied. Then things got worse, “I come here and pick up the wrong company.”

The magistrate agreed Smith had made some bad decisions. Referring to the social inquiry report, he noted that Smith had started using alcohol at age 8 – “drinking your father’s leftovers.” Smith also used ganja from an early age.

Mr. Furniss noted that Smith had seen his friend shot dead in Jamaica and Smith himself had nearly been shot. That experience led him to seek employment in Cayman and when he first came here, he stayed with a relative. She put him out of the house because of his continued ganja use, the attorney explained.

After the burglaries, Smith went toCaribbean Haven. Then, because his work permit had expired, he was removed from the residential treatment center and placed in prison.

Ms. James summarized Smith’s offenses.

On Nov. 25, 2014 he entered a residence by breaking the glass in a window of a utility room.Jewelry valued at $5,000 was stolen, and nothing was recovered.

On Dec. 1, 2014, he entered a residence through a rear window that had been smashed. Stolen items included jewelry and US$1,000 in cash, for a total value of $2,500. The place was ransacked.

Describing the Dec. 31 burglary as the most serious, Ms. James said the family was out celebrating between 9 p.m. and 12:45 a.m. They discovered the break-in when they returned. Stolen items included a 45-inch TV, two laptops, cash and credit cards and an iPhone. Total value was $10,000.

In passing sentence, the magistrate arrived at three and a half years and gave credit for the one month in Caribbean Haven, for a total of 41 months.


  1. In cases like this the law should provide for extended sentences where the stolen items are not recovered. If the criminal does not reveal the name of the fence/dealer who bought the items from him then he should receive extra time.This is the only way these black market fences will be caught as the new legislation will have no effect.

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