Touch rugby season starts next week

Molly Kehoe (Fund Fiduciaries) takes the touch. The CTI Global Summer Touch Rugby season, for serious and social players, starts next week.

More than 400 players over 35 teams in three divisions have signed up for the CTI Global Summer Touch Rugby League. Matches start June 20.

Touch rugby, which is gaining in popularity locally, has a number of differences from the more traditional forms of rugby. Teams are mixed, with three men and three women on the pitch. The basic principles are simple – run forward, pass backward and advance the ball up the field to score a try. When an opponent touches a player (on any part of the body, clothing or ball), the player has to stop and start the next phase. Players get six touches, and if a try is not scored, the ball gets turned over and the opposition have a go.

This year, the Premier League includes 11 teams. Last year’s champions, SteppingStones, are looking to defend their title. In 2015, they won 17 out 17 games. Their main rivals from last year have reconfigured into CML and will be looking to strip SteppingStones of the title. Teams Alphasoft, Genesis Five Nations, Island Air and Maples will challenge for the title as well.

The Invitational League, just below the Premier League, promises to be a tough division this season. PwC, last year’s winners of the Social Division, will be looking to add this crown to their trophy cabinet.

The third tier, Recreational League, has been divided into two groups (A and B) and is for those teams that take the sport less seriously or are relatively inexperienced. Teams include Genesis New Order and Fund Fiduciaries U15s. All players have come through the youth program of the Cayman Rugby Football Union, with Genesis New Order being over 15 and Fund Fiduciaries all under 15. In the Invitational and Recreational leagues, tries by women will score double.

Matches start the week of June 20 and run through September. Come to the South Sound rugby ground to watch the action.

Premier League

KPMG1, SteppingStones, Walkers Iguanas, Zolfo Cooper, Alphasoft, Maples 1, DART, Genesis Five Nations, Estera Trust (Cayman) Ltd, CML, and Island Air.

Invitational League

Rawlinson & Hunter, Maples2, Harmonic, Highbury Consulting, PwC, MUFG, Baraud, Deloitte.

Recreational League A

KPMG2, Intertrust, Walkers Hatchlings, Grant Thornton, Kensington Krusaders, Genesis New Order.

Recreational League B

Trident, FTI Consulting, Campbells, Collas Crill, Fund Fiduciaries U15s, DMS, RSM Cayman Ltd, GCM.

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