Karate students graduate

CASK, the Cayman Associated Schools of Karate-Do, held its second youth graduation of the year on June 11.

Graduations were held for both junior and senior belts, with an equal number of students in both belt testing sessions.

The students were tested on their Japanese language skills, physical fitness and karate technical ability.

Synchronized Kata form performances were also included in the graduations.

Second-degree black belts Robbie Rutkowski and Jaedyn Hanna, also co-assistant instructor of the Youth Organization, attended, setting examples for the graduating youths.

Ricardo Reis, Marco Lopez Francis, Christiaan Luijten and Jaden Jackson also assisted with the junior graduation.

Chief Instructor and 8th-degree black belt Sensei Greg Reid announced a $2,000 contribution from Knighthead Annuity and Life Assurance Co. which will help the organization buy much-needed karate equipment and a smart TV.

For more information, visit www.caskcayman.com.

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