Lions appoint new president, board

The Lions Club of Grand Cayman’s board of directors for 2016-2017, with new president, Tannya Mortimer, seated third from left.

For the second time in 43 years, the Lions Club of Grand Cayman has appointed a female president.

President Tannya Mortimer and the new board took up their roles on July 2.

“As I look upon both the opportunities and challenges we will face serving our club over the next year, I am convinced that our journey will be one full of resolve, dedication, passion and fulfillment while making a difference within our community,” Ms. Mortimer said.

In addition to Ms. Mortimer, the new board members are: immediate past president, Ewan Jacques; first vice president, Ian Yearwood; second vice president, Stephen Best; third vice president, Cordella Chollette; secretary, Anthony Ritch; treasurer, Andrew Hulse; assistant secretary, Albert Anderson; tamer, Lynval Watkins; tail twister, Johann Moxam; one-year directors, Carmin Godfrey and Ronnie Rankin; two-year directors, Letitia Lawrence and Janelle Tibbetts; and membership director, Rayle Roberts.

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