Nurses focus on leadership at annual conference

Chief Nursing Officer at the Health Services Authority Dr. Hazel Brown, left, and keynote speaker Dr. Carol Biggs of Baptist Health International were joint presenters at the leadership development workshop.

Leadership was the theme of this year’s International Nursing Conference, which was attended by nurses from throughout the Cayman Islands.

The 10th annual International Nursing Conference, with the theme “Leadership is every nurse’s business,” was hosted by the Cayman Islands Nursing Association on June 28-30 at the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort.

As well as nurses from many different areas of specialization in the private and public sectors in Cayman, two nurses visiting from Bermuda were among the attendees.

Nursing Association President Sharon Buckley-Omier said, “We chose the theme of leadership because it was consistently identified as a need in the role that we play as nurses.

The nurses always appreciate the opportunity to share knowledge of their respective specializations, clinics and patient care methods.

“It also permitted them to celebrate their roles and the part that they play in the leadership of health services.”

The conference kicked off with a day-long leadership development workshop presented by Dr. Carol Biggs of Baptist Health International and Dr. Hazel Brown of the Health Services Authority.

The conference included more than 20 interactive sessions, including presentations on the “Impact of temperament on stress management” by Miriam Foster of the Family Resource Centre; “Zika” by Timothy McLaughlin of the Health Services Authority; “Vaccination of healthcare workers against influenza” by Martin McKenzie of the HSA; “What determines a person’s sex?” by Dr. James Robertson of TrinCay; and “Travel health” by Annie K. Price of the HSA.

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