Readers have little patience for vendors

“Compromise seeks to move vendors off beachfront,” July 11, 2016

Compromise, why?

Having worked in the tourism business for over 20 years in Cayman, the last thing we have to do is to “kowtow” to a “few locals” who feel it is their birthright to behave shamelessly and preach that “they” need to survive.

Wake up, Cayman! For years, our tourists have loved the fact that they can walk the beaches and go downtown and not be “harassed” like in other Caribbean destinations.

So stop listening to the few and listen to the thousands of Caymanians who for years have made a very successful livelihood in the tourism industry.

As for the politicians who change the laws to suit their own personal agendas so that they can get re-elected, please listen to the almost half-a-million stay-over visitors, who don’t have a vote, of whom probably 125,000 of them are repeat visitors on a yearly basis, who would say to you, our elected members, keep Cayman unique, keep the tourists coming but do not trade off for beach vending. We simply don’t need it as there are a lot of alternative venues already in place.

Paul Deegan


“Enforcement on illegal beach vending delayed for a month,” July 8

What a surprise! The government is being very lax on this issue. What about making sure the residents and visitors have the opportunity to enjoy themselves on the beaches without being harassed by the vendors? Public Beach is so crowded with chairs laid out early each day that there are no good areas for a family to set up for a day at the beach. You can’t even find a place to park at West Bay Beach because the parking lot occupied by vendors. Government – the time to take action is now!

Bruce McDonald


Not surprised.

Public Beach will continue having law-breaking vendors cover the sand for years to come.

Visitors to Public Beach will continue to be harassed by the vendors. The illegal vendors will fight amongst themselves for business like they do in Granada and Barbados. Just the type of experience the Cayman government wants for first-time visitors and residents.

Not surprised … just disappointed.

C. Wood

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