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Missing ‘old’ Cayman

My wife and I have been visiting Grand Cayman for many years. We remember Captain Morgan’s Restaurant, where you cooked your own steak. That was...

Chair vendors spoiling Public Beach

I am writing this letter to let you know about our experience at the public parking lot at Seven Mile Beach at the end...

EDITORIAL – A much-needed upgrade for Public Beach

Seven Mile Public Beach has been a victim of its own success in recent years, with vendors, tourists and locals all vying for their place in the sand and sun.

Beach vendors

Today's editorial cartoon

2017 editorials: The Compass’s voice on significant issues

Today we feature highlights from some of what we consider to be the most compelling and important editorials that appeared in the Cayman Compass in 2017, dealing with some of the most pressing matters facing our country.

Vendor laws

Today's editorial cartoon

EDITORIAL – Beach vendors: Government’s changing tides

The sands at Grand Cayman’s public beach appear to have shifted. In this case (the case of unlicensed beach vendors), the erosion that is occurring is not of the coastline, but of governmental authority.

Beach vendor charges adjourned till June

Four people charged with carrying on a business on a public beach without a license appeared in Summary Court on Thursday, when their matters were adjourned again until Tuesday, June 27.

Beach vendors charged for not having business license

Three people appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday, charged with carrying on a business on a beach without holding a valid trade and business license.

EDITORIAL – Beach vendors’ victory: Government caves on unlicensed operators

The Cayman Islands government has tried just about everything to address the problem of unlicensed vendors operating on Seven Mile Beach — reams of paperwork, customer service training, sternly worded warnings, promises of kiosks, plans for uniforms, etc. — everything, that is, except for this: enforcing existing laws.

No action on SMB vendors, court rejects $500 fine

A throng of unlicensed beach vendors has packed into Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach since the issue erupted into the spotlight early this year, while there has been no apparent enforcement of rules or any working agreement between government and the vendors.

EDITORIAL – Beach vendors cut red tape by ignoring it

The ancient Greeks may have had an easier time rousting their adversaries from the City of Troy than the Cayman Islands government has in banishing unlicensed vendors from Seven Mile Beach.

EDITORIAL – A ‘fine’ day at the beach for vendors

For political reasons, our legislators may not wish to appear to be “picking sides” between the livelihoods of the beach vendors and the peace of mind of residents and visitors. But in the end, a decision must be made. And, clearly, the correct course of action is the one that preserves the sanctity of our tourism product.

Public Beach vendors fined $500, vow court fight

A number of unlicensed vendors operating on Grand Cayman’s Public Beach were fined $500 last month and told to pay up or go to court.

Beach Etiquette

EDITORIAL – Dressing up our illegal beach vendors

As regular readers of this editorial column are aware, we don’t normally advocate for the nationalization of a private sector industry. But hear us out …

Licensing, training and dress code required for Cayman’s beach vendors

Any Public Beach vendors who remain in the Seven Mile Beach corridor past the end of this month will have undergone customer service training, participated in government inspections and will have to adhere to a dress code, according to government officials.

EDITORIAL – Bad vibrations for Cayman’s beach boys

The Cayman Islands government has drawn several lines in the sand on the subject of unlicensed beach vendors. Political tides, it appears, keep washing those lines away.
Cayman Compass Profile Photo

Readers have little patience for vendors

CaymanCompass.com readers sound off on unlicensed beach vendors.

Beach vendors

Compromise seeks to move vendors off beachfront

Some vendors will be allowed to continue operating in the Seven Mile Beach area, but only in designated spaces that are kept back from the waterfront, under a compromise being worked out with Cayman Islands government officials.

Deadline for unlicensed vendors nears

Trade officers with the Department of Commerce and Investment have issued warnings to 36 unlicensed businesses who operate on public land.

Officials say vendors need permission to use public land

Trade and business licenses cannot be granted to Grand Cayman’s Public Beach vendors, or anyone else operating on Crown land, without prior approval of Cabinet, the head of the Department of Commerce and Investment confirmed Tuesday.

Unlicensed Seven Mile Beach vendors told to close or face fines

Warning citations were handed out to more than a dozen vendors along Seven Mile and West Bay Public Beaches over the past week as the Department of Commerce and Investment responded to long-standing complaints about unlicensed or even dangerous activities in the popular tourist areas.

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Beach vendors

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